Throws for sale for cheap!!! Need a code 2!!


I NEED to sell these ASAP. Need to get a code 2 before MA states!!!

I plan on buying a new one from here and I’m short on cash and need to sell these ASAP!!

First picture-

OneDrop Dietz, some marks around rims, will come with spike SEs instead of dietz. Smooth and fast

Delrin Severe, 2 matching scuffs, smooth as glass, comes with CT bearing

Second picture-

Yoyofactory Superstar, a few marks, could be buffed out. Smooth for a stacked throw

Yoyofactory Popstar, crazy smooth for a mini, stable and great spinning with spec bearing

Third picture-

MagicYo N9, MINT, if you haven’t played one, do it now!!!

Auldey Photon, spinning side caps, can hold yoyo while it spins, MINT

I need to sell these quick so prices are super low

Superstar $45


I know its already a low price but could u do like a package deal for the severe and the n9?

(system) #3