Throws for sale!!!! Pre Lowballed!!!!

So I’m looking to unload some of my throws. Looking to sell quick!!

The only 2 things I’d trade for are a CODE 2 & Summit.

More pics are available upon request.

Yoyofactory Stacked Catalyst- 2 nicks, smooth for a stacked throw $45

Slithering Hippo Aa7- super smooth, beefcakes w/ 2 terrapin bearings, couple marks $40

Yoyofactory Delrin Severe- 2 scuffs, smooth, CT bearing $25

OneDrop Dietz- 3 marks, new side effects, may need response $60

Auldey Photon- super cool spinning sidecaps, hold it while it spins, also accepts hubstacks and Z stacks, smooth and mint $30

SPYY Supra- some 3a marks, smooth as can be (gotta find that sweet spot) $45

Magic Yo N9- mint and smooth. New response and CT bearing $12

Package deal of 2 yomega Oochs and a HWHW. Orange ooch and HWHW are mint and both unresponsive, blue has some cracking due to over tightening. $20 for all 3.

So that’s about it. I’m looking to sell these quick so I may move alittle on prices but they are mostly firm.

Hit me up, either PM or text 978 Two Five Seven 68 Four 7

Buy this stuff!!!

Catalyst is gone,

Aa7 is gone

The rest is on eBay!!