Throws for sale or trade

I have a bunch of yo-yo’s that i just don’t throw anymore and want to send to someone who will use them… i have no pics as of right now but can get them upon request.

YYF Yuuksta $50
In near perfect condition, one or two dings but still plays nice.

YYF Grind Machine $15
A few scratched and dings but well broken in.

YYF One best offer
Never been thrown, great condition and has custom art under the caps.

SPYY Spyder $35
Great throw, has alot of scratches and dings but still plays nice. Comes with a KK bearing.

SPYY Speed Freak $25
Got it in a trade so the ano has been removed, plays nice.​

Trade wise i’m looking for a duncan raptor, echo, Exit 8 or metropolis in good condition (don’t care if it has dings or not… as long as there not too deep or affect play).

i would like one of the spyy yoyos if u could send me a pic that would be great thanks

Here are the pics of both spyy’s… sorry about the spyder pics being so dark but thats what i get for taking the pics outside.