Selling Most Of My Collection **New Yoyo Added**


Most of them are pretty good throws. I just don’t use them anymore.
Yomega hotshot Has a few cracks in the plastic covering. Nothing that effects the play.$10
YYJ kickside $10
YYF die-nasty mint. Needs new silicone stickers. $10
YYJ speeder $20 SOLD
Duncan throw monkey $5
Yomega maverick a few dings. Smoothest yoyo I’ve ever played with. $20
Buyer pays shipping. Most of the yoyos have a few scuffs and scratches but nothing that effects the play.

(G2 Jake) #2

pics of the speeder, kickside, and throw monkey please


(G2 Jake) #5

shouldn’t you bump and say that the speeder is gone?

(system) #7