FT/S: Over 20 Throws: YYF, SPYY, CLYW, YYR, C3, Crucial, Duncan + More

Okay everyone, today i’m putting up a pretty big chunk of my collection up for sale. I have accumulated way too many yoyos then I need and I have to downsize. I’m still keeping a bunch of throws and some of these listed will only go for the right offer. PM me if you want to work out some type of deal. I will give discounts for multiple throws being bought.


Below I will post the yoyos and the pictures below them along with a description on play and overall condition.

Here’s a link to the page where there are some more pictures:

First will be the plastics: The plastics I do prefer to ship with the metals and more expensive throws because shipping is so much and wouldn’t be worth just shipping a plastic.

YYF Replay: Another yoyo that you don’t see often pop up on the BST. This is a decently rare yoyo that many people haven’t had the chance to play. Its mint aside from normal mold marks. It has a tiny vibe that most had but its a cool and unique player. $20

Now onto the metals:

Xcube Steamroller: The only wide throw I’ve loved. This is a great throw and is super smooth. The grinding surface is amazing. It has a nick and a flat spot which are both pictured. Its a yoyo I’d hate to see go. $65

C3 Token: Amazing little throw. It is smooth as butter and plays amazing for a small throw. It feels small in hand but plays like a regular yoyo. $25

Crucial AYCE: Its purple and mint from store. It has a couple nicks under the ano but they were there when I got it from the store. Its smooth and plays great. $45

YYF Severe 2010: Blue wavelength and has a few dings on the rims. Its super smooth and plays amazing. This is one of my favorite throws and kind of on the fence if I want to sell it though. $60

YYF Severe 2010: This is a pink acid wash version and has a few more dings but is still dead smooth. I really love these throws so not sure they will go. I have to sell though so they might go. $55

Breakbeat Lover: Not a very common throw. It’s super smooth and plays great. I don’t think there are many in the states. Its a great metal and only has a single tiny mark but still is amazing. Another throw that I might not want to sell. $60

Breakbeat Fire: Pink and super dope. maybe a tiny scuff but near mint. Super smooth and plays fast and amazing. Breakbeat’s are sold at another Japanese store and are great legit throws. $65

Magic Yoyo Desperado: Pink and mint and super smooth. Plays great as you would expect from it. $23

Duncan Raptor: Purple, smooth and a couple of dings. An amazing budget metal and looks amazing as it plays. $30

OD Dingo: Custom Vendetta anodizing, a few tiny pinpricks, smooth as butter. I really like it and is my favorite micro throw. $35

Duncan Echo: Orange, only one small ano scratch, dead smooth. I love this throw and it plays dope. $32

These are the ones that will need a good offer to get from me:

OD Dang: Nickel plated and super smooth. It has a tiny prick on the body and a tiny scratch in the cup. I would call it super near mint. It has red code1’s in now but I also have ultralights you can swap them for. Its one of my favorite throws right now. Both side effect plus dang for $90

SPYY Pure: This is amazing looking and playing. Its near mint and only has a flat spot or two. Its pretty smooth for a pure but is a gold plated version. This is a great throw and feels so classy in hand. This will need a great offer to get from me but I’m more testing the waters. $$$OFFER$$$

YYR Messiah: One of my crown Jewels of my collection. A powder-coated messiah with a black grind surface body with gold translucent rims. This is a classy looking throw and is dead smooth. This is the best undersized throw ever and many would agree. It has a tiny prick cluster that is barely visible from before it was stripped. It’s very minuscule and barely noticeable.

DS Wrath (ONLY WANT THE LIMITED EDITION COLORWAY/ Black with pink,red,purple speckl and I will trade well for it)
Fullsized YYR or any Beat YYR
Square Wheels Rex
RECREV Freq.Wave ( turquoise/green)

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