FS: 6 throws for $200: YYJ Quest, Rally, Catalyst, Supernova, MVP, and Token!

Hi friends,

Got a few yoyos up for sale (NO TRADES). Trying to build a PC so I’m selling off most of my collection.
All prices include shipping to the US, flat-rate USPS boxes with tracking and insurance. PAYPAL ONLY. International shipping can be arranged but at higher cost obviously. Discounts offered on multiple buys. As always, feel free to offer.


OD Rally. One minor scuff on it. Comes with box. This thing is fantastic, for anyone looking for the best plastic of 2013… look no further. $35

YoyoFactory MVP. B-grade for ano. One half is more a champagne color and the other is gold. Minor pinpricks. I don’t think it has any dings, but I’m 350 miles away from it right now so I’m not 100% sure. $50

YoyoFactory EYYC Catalyst Victor Gravitsky. Mint in box. Really impressed by this guy. $70

YoyoFactory Supernova powdercoated goodness. No box but it’s a great throw. $60

C3 Yoyo Design Token. Comes with their awesome box. Marks around the throw but nothing that breaks ano. $20

Just got this YYJ Quest in as well. Slight vibe with one ding (if that’s what you call it on delrin, haha) Still plays great. $70

Let me know if you have any questions.

The yeti mint in box still costs 55$ Mind making it cheaper

Bump! Offers people! Offers!!!

TO THE TOP! GET THEM PEOPLE. Feel free to send offers on individuals or the whole lot.

You still got that mvp I might be interested if I could barter