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Need to sell ASAP! I’m pursuit of another expensive yoyo (G2 SWIRL) so I need to come up with the moneys and Im almost there just need some help so please buy a yoyo!!! I’m Shipping USPS-CONUS Only!



  • YoYoFactory Will Blue NM w/Box. $50

  • TopYo Aura Red Mint Smooth w/Box. $30

  • CLYW Manatee FG BBB Mint Smooth w/Box. $95

  • G2 Banshee 22’ Gotham Splash Mint Smooth w/Box. SOLD

  • YoYoFactory Singularity Galaxy Wash NM w/Box. SOLD

  • TopYo Impulse Newer BlueAqua Wash Mint Smooth w/Box SOLD

  • CLYW Dune FG Berry Melt Mint Smooth w/Box. SOLD

  • G2 Valhalla Glitch PurpleBlack Wash Mint Smooth No Box. $65

  • YoYoFactory R-Type Purple Pink Speckle Mint Smooth w/Box. $35

  • Luftverk Plastic 000 White Mint Smooth NEW w/Box. SOLD

  • Luftverk Plastic Fulvia Green Mint Smooth NEW w/Box $25 (Pictured Separate)

  • CLYW Snow Lzzrd FG Beach Party Mint Smooth w/Box. $65

  • G2 Mongoose SeaFoam Mint Smooth w/Box. SOLD

  • Batman Fidgit Spinner NM. $5

  • YoYoFactory AirWave Green OffString Damage No Box. $10

  • YoYoFactory Replay Pro Green NM w/Box. SOLD

  • YoYoFriends Dove Green NM 9/10 Vibe w/Box. $20

  • YoYoFactory Dv888 BlackClear Splash NM 9/10 Vibe No Box. $10

Guy backed out on a deal so some throws are now back up for sale, all of which are in BOLD Below… Yoyos never shipped so conditions are still the same!

Sorry for all the post editing…


You must have really disliked that Plastic 000 to get rid of it that fast!


Can I temp you with a plastic 000?

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Lol, I definitely would had I not just purchased a headphone bump to the seller

And thanks for looking out @OhDavidBowie



BUMPIN ONCE, BUMPIN TWICE!!! Buy some yoyos!

Dune and 000 SOLDD!


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Note: This is Zakk/Zachariah Hunt AKA Chase Blackwelder. He is known to have had some trading issues on the facebook trading sites.

If you trade with him use paypal goods and services and have him ship first with a verified tracking number.

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