YYF and Dif-E-Yo Yoyos for Sale


Ok, So I was gonna trade all my yoyos, but then, I heard Yoyofactory was gonna release a lot of new yoyos soon, so I thought I would just sell them so I can get those yoyos.
This is what I have to Sell:

Mint Blue YYF MVP: My Favorite Throw, Its Really Good. Sleeps for 3-4 Minutes depending on how hard your throw is. $100 Shipped.

Mint Purple YYF 44: I like this yoyo, its just that its too Smooth for me. Its Extremely Smooth, and its a pretty good player, just not my style. $75 Shipped.

Mint Black Dif-E-Yo Juggernaut: Well, I won this at VA States in the Raffle. Its an Okay yoyo I guess. Its really smooth, and sleeps okay. Comes with a Konkave Bearing. (SOLD)

Violet YYF 888x: This Yoyo is pretty good. I traded it for my Big Deal, so It came with a kind of bad satin job on the rims. Its actually suppose to be a Satin Job, but it looks like Scratches, but they are actually not scratches. It doesn’t Affect the Play, It has Translucent Yellow Hubstacks, and it has a Konkave Bearing in it. Good Player. $75 Shipped. (A Really Good Price for an 888x)

Orange YYF Dv888: It has a ding, and a couple of scratches. But Its still a good Player. It has a Center Track Bearing in it. Truly a Great Yoyo. Fun to Play with. $40 Shipped.

Blue with Orange Splash YYF Frantic: This was my First Metal. I loved it. But, I have had it for almost a Year now, so it has scatches all over the rims, so it looks like a bad satin job. The Good thing is that you can’t feel the scratches at all. Good Grinder, Good Player. $40 Shipped.

Mint Yellow YYF Protostar: This is an Awesome Plastic Yoyo. Truly an Amazing Player all around. I use it all the time. Great Yoyo. $30 Shipped.

Remember, I am not interested in Trades. I am only Interested in the Amount of Cash in the descriptions. If you are interested in any of these yoyos, please reply to this post, or PM me.
Thanks! :smiley:




Sorry, My Camera is broken, so I don’t have Pictures. :frowning:
I did the best I could describing them.

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IMO, you are probably making it difficult for any serious cash buyer to consider purchasing your yos without pictures to back up your descriptions; expecially at your prices. Would you? Good luck dude.


Sorry For No Pictures.
Ill try to get some Pics soon.

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