done yoyoing sale



This is my small collection that im selling. I am in the US and I don’t like to ship international, but I will if the price is right.
Payment through paypal, ALSO if you buy two or more yoyos, i will give you $5 off each

Please add $5 for shipping
International please ad $15

Rockstar - yyf, dead smooth, gold and blue, my 2nd favorite yoyo, solid throw. It has a few ano scratches and a about two tiny dings/scratches. $45

TFL - bbyy? raw groovy lady edition. Beefcaked, awesomely smooth if both bearings are similiar and smoot. Normal raw marks. $40

C13 - yyf, awesome undersize throw, another smooth throw. Black ano, ligh. Pinpricks and one tiny scratch from being put in my backpack. No hubcaps, comes with nip caps and o rings.  $35

Skyline - yyf, Near mint, box has two rips, dead smooth, purple with red splash, clear red hubcaps, i only say near mint because it has the tiniest pinprick.  $45

NvX - ILYY? Super fun throw, d size bearing. pink/red, has super light vibe on grinds, and . Number of tiny pinpricks, some are a little deep. $30

Milk - crucial, my second favorite company. Awesome delrin throw, i have dropped it a couple times but I cant find any dings or scratches. Light vibe/smooth depending on how you tune it.  $30

Cream -crucial, delrin, i believe it has one Small scratch that could easily be buffed out. light vibe. $30

Desperado - magicyoyo, mint, thrown 4 times, insanely smooth, i cannot stress how smooth the grind is! Pink/purple, comes in kool box, it is mostly a fun throw for how wide it is.  $15

Loop 900 - yyf, neon collection, orange, mint in box. 'Nuff said.  $10

Popstar - yyf, smooth w/ kk bearing, light vibe with others. about 3 parallel scratches, cherry red.  $10

GOODIES all for $10 NO LESS
Yyf long spin lube
Bombsquad wooden yoyo
ceramic kk bearing
Crucial concave bearing
Silicone tube for response (works great)


Is your popstar still for sale

The NvX is Hspin.