I Sell Yoyos

Hello Guys :wink:
Iā€™m selling:
Yoyojam Meteor : with one scratch ā€¦ yoyo plays perfect for its price ā€¦ i sell it for 65$
YoyoFactory Boss : with no scratches ā€¦ yoyo is great and i recommend it :wink: - i sell it for 70$
Dif-e-yo Wide load : with 4-5 sctarches ā€¦ yoyo is good and it is with konkave - i sell it for 60$
Yoyojam super SpinFaKtor ( NEW!! ) + 2 yoyojam Bearings ( Large ) - i sell yoyo + bearings for 45$
And everything with FREE SHIPPING :wink:

If you get 2 or more i will discount the price :wink:

I am from bulgaria and i accept Paypal payment ā€¦ when i recieve money i will ship it to you :wink:

Sorry for my bad english

please post pictures as per bst rule #1.


OK :wink: soon i will post