Selling everything!! FINAL PRICE DROP


Hello everyone. i am selling EVERYTHING. For anyone who has seen my channel, theyoyomaster12 this is me so even though i doubt you do, if you want to own a few yoyo’s from my videos here the place to get them. All prices are negotiable. Feel free to pm me offers or post in the comments if that is allowed. the prices do not include shipping.


YYF Undeniable Genesis- some dings around the edges, all have been smoothed over. no vibe or wobbling of any sorts. Has yoyofactory green pads. im looking for around 45

CLYW Ogopogo Bear vs Man- some scratches and pin picks, all can be seen in the pictures, and you may feel free to request more. redone silicone im asking for around 55-60 on this one, based on its rarity and limited run

One Drop Markmont Next- this throw has been used around 20 times. there are two very small unnoticable scratches on the anodize job. stock pads. im asking for 65 on this one. it sold for 95 and is not in production any longer

Yoyojam New Breed- half of the New Breed is brown, other half gray. the rims are a little dirty but i can clean those up. ive re-siliconed the recess im asking around 20 for this one

Yoyofactory grind machine- this throw is pretty beat. no stickers and resiliconed grooves. its pretty smooth. a good beginner unresponsive throw. im asking anything from 10-20 for this one. ill also throw it into to any of the three metals

Duncan modded freehand- ive flattened the rims, added a finger grind area within the cap area, and smoothed it to a smooth satin. this one, like the grind machine i can throw into any of the three metals for free if you like. if not im asking 10-15

Duncan Freehand 2- ive also got a brown freehand two. i can either use the bearing with this or the modded freehand. have spacers and caps, iwth extra spacers. 8

Yomega Saber Raider- all stock nothing special. will throw into any of the yoyos for free. if not, 5-10 will win this

Yoyojam Fiesta- all pretty basic. i practiced over grass so no real marks. there is some sharpie marks from tightening which i can try to remove. 10-15

12 hole laptop case- dyed black foam with a hole for a counter weight. the inside has two folder pockets for string or whatever. the outside has a zipper pocket with a mesh divider. it has a a shoulder strap and hand carry strap im asking 20-30

8 hole case- i also have an eight hole case with green foam. it is from an old baggamon case covered in leather. there is rom for lube or bearings or whatever in little compartments. i will update with pictures soon. 20

counter weights- ive got a variety. pm for picks. 7 for all of them

String- I have around 110 assorted strings. about half are slick 6 yellow polymer from yoyoexpert. the other half are orange red and yellow polymer strings. - 8 or im willing to halve the price with another metal yoyo

Rice Stacks- Ive also got some brown rice stacks with o rings. 4 or can be thrown in

Z stacks- these z stacks came with the g-5 so rainbow. as far as i know these arent sold. they dont have o rings but they work with any hubstack throw other than the grindmachine i believe. 7

again all prices are negotiable, please pm or post offers. i will of course send more pics if you request them

all pictures are here:

Other Stuff
I am also selling my Samsung is completely mint and only has been used to take about 1000 pictures. It is a great 20.3 megapixel mirrorless camera that also records 1080p video. It has a full touchscreen and has many features that a full size DSLR offers. It includes the kit 20-50mm lens, a small camera bag, strap, micro sd card, uv lens filter, and flash. It does not have the lens cap but the uv filter serves to protect the front element and is made of glass so you will be hard pressed to break it unless you drop it from a height. on amazon it sells for 500, i am asking 250 OBO.

again here is my photobucket


how do I pay for it?


Bump. All prices are negotiable. I just want everything gone


I like the modded Duncan.


Bump last day for sale


bump no trades please


bump willing to make a discount today


bump. Prices can be lowered just pm me



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