FS: YYF, YYJ, BBYY, Duncan, X-Yo, String (PRICED TO SELL)

(Jesse) #1

Sorry to say, a few months ago I pretty much stopped yo-yoing. I’m selling basically my whole collection minus my favorite yo-yo and die and some string in case I do pick it up again which is a very good possibility. So these are priced to sell, need money for a road bike… I can email pics upon request.


JonRob Edition Genesis
Good condition, has a few scratches and came with some anno flaws…

Black, a few little scratches and marks, no stacks, bad bearing…
$38 shipped

Raw, has one flat spot…
$52 shipped

Die Nasty
Red, blank white caps
$13 shipped
or $9 with any other throw


Dark Magic
White, fair amount of scratches and some dings on the rims…
$21 shipped

Lyn Fury
Purple and Black, weird molding flaw from the factory that I can’t describe, no caps
$12 shipped
or $8 with any other throw

One Drop

Purple, fair amount of scratches and dings, none affect play much at all…
$43 shipped


Freehand Zero
Green, modded by Tyler3490, single side pad recess, metal weight rings, no caps, great player…
$14 shipped


Raw, a few scuffs and flat spots, and machining marks from being raw…
$31 shipped


Semi-satined, outside is satined but sides are black, a few scrapes but nothing bad…
$23 shipped


I’d say I have about 40 orange tangled angel hair strings, some perfect fit string, some other random string, an assortment of counterweights, a couple spacers, a few duncan silicone pads… I could throw some of these into deals if you want…

I also have a Yoyosam Case that I won’t be needing anymore, with circular counterweight holes that I put in it, $15 shipped


can u post some pictures

(Jesse) #3

Bump, prices lowered.

(Jesse) #5

Bump, prices lowered AGAIN.

I don’t need any of these anymore, I’d love to sell them all. Deals if you buy multiple yo-yos.

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