FS: CLYW, YYF lots, Crucial A la Mode, C3!! Everything must go, take 11 for $525

Available, for SALE ONLY!! I ship flat-rate priority to the USA or its territories only. I will provide a tracking number as soon as I ship, and I will ship as soon as I receive payment. I started yoyoing like 4 months ago, and with the hype I bought a whole lot of yoyos, and wasted a lot of $$$! But I’m a college student, so I don’t need all of them, because of my time limit, i’m gonna keep two, that I really like, to do it as a hobby, but other than that, they are all for sale. PM me, lets negotiate.

Take everything on this page for $525, come on, you could get one titanium yo-yo for that, or 11 good quality, good condition yoyos, 100+ strings, flea string, lubricant, two extra bearings and 4 YoYoExpert stickers!! Think about it, its 10% off the whole collection!! For the WHOLE BUNDLE!! :slight_smile:

Deal Sweetener!!!***

Don’t forget to ask for your One or your Peter Fish Luminator for an extra $5 with any metal yo-yo!! :slight_smile:

Deal Sweetener!!!***

I have 100 yellow red orange 6 poly strings they are yours for $12 + a $6 shipping fee!!That is 18 strings for $5.50, you cant beat that.

Offer money on anything, the worst I can do is deny your offer, but trust me, if its at least close to what i’m asking ill accept, I just want to get rid of them, they are too tempting and I don’t have enough time.

Here they are:

From YYF:

  1. Undeniable edition Genesis: $65

Green/Yellow acid wash, very close to mint, It has two tiny pinpricks, but nothing is noticeable and nothing breaks
through the ano.

  1. Mighty Flea 2010 edition: $40

Raw, Not mint, just because it has the markings that raw steal get over time, but other than that in perfect condition, I also have 10 extra strings that ill give you…

  1. POP star: $20

Black, Very Very close to mint, 1 pinprick on rim from pocket change, fun throw, its been used like three times, it even has the original YYF string on, and the string is intact.

  1. EYYC Ann Connolly Edition Avant Garde: $100

It has markings and scuffs in groupings and some break through the ano, but its still an amazing throw. This was my first yo-yo which is why it has some markings, it plays amazingly well to be an Avant Garde, one of the smoothest I have thrown, it still throws very smooth, it really all depends on the string for me. Plus, its a big drop from original price. I think it might be one of 30 some.

  1. Skyline: $75

It has markings around the rim, but nothing really significant, it plays incredibly smooth, and it has hub stacks, which are awesome, undersized fun!! :slight_smile: Has a center track bearing!! :smiley:

  1. IB One: $6

Green, what can I say, its a one. I will give it to you for $5 extra if you buy any other yo-yo.

  1. DV888: $30

Good condition, very very light scratches around the rim, nothing can be felt or breaks through the ano, and its a very good yo-yo.

From CLYW:

MIB Wooly Marmot: $100

Black with green speckle. Its perfect, nothing else to say. And it has a box too! :slight_smile:

From C3YYD:

MIB Capless: $80

1/22 Dead smooth, very quiet, original box and string, been used twice for fear of damaging it, its freaking beautiful. Burgundy/Black Acid Wash.

From Peter Fish:

Mint Luminator: $6

Good yo-yo for learning, way overrated by some people. Responsive. Will give it to you with the purchase of any metal for an extra $5.

From Crucial:

A la Mode: $65

A bit loud, only has one pinprick in the left rim, other than that, decent yo-yo, wide, good for getting consecutive on the string.

Pictures coming today!!!

Bump, pictures coming soon!! :slight_smile:

Bump, marmot and flea are pending!!

Bump, fire away!! The marmot and flea are no longer pending, so feel free to offer! :slight_smile: pics hopefully tomorrow.