FS - PRICE REDUCED - Sell all collection: Yoyofactory, YoyoFriends, Mowl, Topyo, C3, LMStudio

Hello everyone,

I am selling all my collection as I play always the same yoyos, so I have so many that stay sit down in the case and it’s a shame and other than that I need money at the moment.

I ship from UK which usually is 18$ and take around 1 week and a half/2 weeks to arrive by experience, obviously the shipping will be tracked.

If you don’t like the price please let me know and we can find a deal, same if you would like more than one yoyo.

Most of the yoyos have the original boxes so just ask and I will have a look, all the yoyos come mint unless specified.

If you have any question or want more pictures please ask me without problems :slight_smile:

Feedback thread: Feedback for Albertino



Kim23: $30 - mint but came with some nail vibe but play fine


Space cadet - $40 - 30$ a very small ding hard to see which doesnt affect play



Pheasant mono: $35 - mint - 30$



Laevateinn: $20 - mint



Riyong: $30 - mint - 25$



@natan ZipLine Geo in the UK


Heads-up: I think you’ve got the wrong photo for the Mowl Obsession

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Thanks a lot mate, fixed, with all those yoyos and pics I got confused

great deals here, good luck w sales

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Next journery, Hanzo, Geo, Hummingbird, Krown st.
Sold and taking them out from the list.

Buyers received already a DM with the tracking and parcels will depart tomorrow :slight_smile:

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M+, Jugemu and G2 Luna sold, ready to leave London (UK) tomorrow!

Everything else available and up!

Fat tire, cheat code, wedge, shutter, nine dragons, rtype, rooc, cyber crash, all gone!

Still open to offers and bundles don’t be shy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Klondike and GTR-JS on hold until Sunday.

In the meanwhile, up!!!


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Up up and open to offers!

Klondike and Gtr Js gone all the rest avaliable

Gonna up this bad boy!

Up and updated thread with a little Feedback thread that slowly will take shape!

Uppete, offer for bundles open so don’t be shy :slight_smile:

Also T1 20/20 sold
Yoyofactory - Marco sold

So, you only ever play your ZGRTs and its time to unload the others? :rofl:

I decided I’m gonna make an art installation out of all my non-ZGRT throws when I get back to Oregon this summer.

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More or less this is what is happening ahahah I am just keeping my Unprld as I like them incredibly much!

Also up and make your offers :slight_smile:

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Aaaaand up, please buy my yoyos and help me with my physioteraphy :heart:

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Smashing yoyos: Bounce and Float Sold
MK1 - Diffraction Sold

Up the post and still so many on sell!

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