Selling yoyos (YYF-magicyoyo-retic-raincity) less than half of original price

{most of them are less then half of price than I purchased }
I live in Atlanta, 30307 {if you want to meet in person and checkout the yoyos}
Not selling individually {no shipment for one/two yoyo} and No trade :expressionless:
shipment for all of them together or selling all yoyos in a specific groups
please contact me in case you are interested in buying all yoyos or all yoyos in a specific groups
if you want to buy all of them,price would be 200$


yoyofactory daydream light green 5$ No box
yoyoking proto9 black 10$ has box 2 strings and spear bearing no ding
magiyoyo v3 black 7$ has box and glove an bearing removal tools and couple of strings
magicyoyo node silver black/red cross lines 13$ no ding has a box
magicyoyo skywa yellow translucent 10$ has a box no scratch


yoyofactory ND half silver half black 10$ slight vibe and 1 ding has a box
yoyofactory ND matte gold finish 25$ no ding has box
yoyofactory ND blue silver with red splash 30$ new has box slight vibe

###group3: 100$
yoyofactory 9dragon silver cup clear body 35$ no ding new
raincity showpony black 35$ new has box and all stuff in the box no ding
retic atra raw (silver) 30$ has a box no ding

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