Stuff for sale! Need $76 fast! Prices slashed down.

Alright, so I’ve been thinking lately about the point of keeping these throws in collection. Sure they look nice, but I no longer know how to enjoy them. That’s why I want you guys to have these throws. I need cash(I’m in need of cash)/yoyos, and I want you guys to love these throws, since I no longer can.
For shipping, please discuss with me!
Cash por favor (need this green paper stuff to trade for more metal halves screwed together by an axle)
YYR: Sleipner, Mr. Butcher, Perfect Star, Acrophobia, Draupnirs
sOMEThING: Anglam, Anglam CC., Superfly, Superfly Remix, Addiction
Onedrop: Valor
YoyoJam: HG’s (Spinfaktor HG, Copperhead, TripleJam, K-OS, K-OS Extreme)
CLYW: 2014 Collection(Puffin 2, Arctic Circle 2, Bonfire, Gnarwhal 2) BvM2
Werrd: Irony JP

Here are the throws!:
YoyoMiracle World Yoyo Contest 2013
What we have here is a Yoyomiracle World Yoyo Contest 2013 exclusive throw. It’s quite fun, people didn’t seem to like it very much, but I found it very fun. It’s very light and although the caps don’t spin quite as well as g-stacks, finger spins are a breeze with it. Beware though, this throw only behaves when thrown really well, it’s very unforgiving if thrown incorrectly, as it vibes like crazy if you do. It smoothens out with play, however. Near mint, a very small scratch.
Crucial Dulce (B Grade)
This here is a B-Grade Crucial Dulce. The Dulce is a very interesting throw. It’s slightly undersized, but weighs 69 grams. Seems heavy right? Well, it plays fast because of it’s sharp shape. What you’re left with is a throw that get’s crazy good spin times of heavy yoyos while being able to go fast no problem. Truly a great competition throw. Near mint again, a few tiny pin pricks, nothing more.

Yoyorecreation Overdrive2
Wow, just wow. This throw is truly amazing. This thing is the smoothest throw I have ever had the fortune to play and that’s a pretty good compliment considering I have been throwing for over 6 years. This thing is a wolf in sheep’s clothing (not talking about exterior, it looks gorgeous). You would expect a yoyo of this diameter (59mm) to play sluggish, not able to keep up. Wrong. This throw is ingeniously designed so that it plays light as a feather while maintaining some of the most outrageous spin times I have ever seen in my 6 years of throwing. What you get is an amazing, unique throw, worthy of being main for 6 months. Like all YYR, this thing is a competition machine. Horizontals? No problem. 3 minute one throws? No problem. I am sad to have to see this one go.
I’d like to say it’s mint, as I cannot seem to find anything, but just to play it safe, I’ll say it’s very very very very very very near mint.
Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works Arctic Circle
This, ladies and gentlemen, is an OG 1st run Arctic Circle. This is one for the Caribou Enthusiasts, that’s not to say other throwers won’t enjoy it. This yoyo was Zach Gormley’s first signature throw. The goal here was to combine three of their favorite throws (Chief [double rims] Avalanche [shape] Canvas [hub]) into one. It was a success. It is a throw worthy of Zach’s awesomeness. It seems to be able to throw just about anything you could throw at it and is incredibly versatile.
A white hairline scratch, a shallow ding, maybe a few microscopic unfeeable stuff, near mint
C3Yoyodesigns Trident
The Trident is fast. The aggressive shape combined with it’s fat rims are a great team, making it a great horizontal player. This is the Corli Du Toit edition. The colorway is beautiful, only for real men who are unashamed for their undying love for pink.
Ding and pinpricks, none too deep, blend in with colorway
General-Yo KLR (Competition Grade)
General-Yo is famous for making awesome and impossibly smooth throws. Having a reputation like that, they had to make sure each one was the best it could. Consequently, their requirements for each yoyo counting as A grade was high. This one didn’t make the cut. Crazily enough, this is smoother than a LOT of my A grade throws. It’s no wonder General-Yo won the award for industrial excellence at nationals 2013. This throw has a double step V shape, with a rounded rim, making it a very quick throw.
A few small dings, pinpricks, and ano scuffs(unfeelable)
YoyoFactory 2.0
I don’t like a lot of YYF throws. Just going to throw that out there. But this has got to be one of the most overlooked throws ever. It plays nothing like it’s price. The rims are quite fat, giving it unexpectedly decent spin times. I highly recommend anyone to give this throw a try, it doesn’t seem like much, but it really took me by surprise.
2 dings, not deep
OneDrop Rally
My favorite rally colorway to date. This plastic has been in development for a LONG time. And it shows. Makes my top 10 best plastics ever. It may have some finger vibe, but it’s smooth on the string.
Near mint, one almost invisible flatspot
YoyoJam Next Level
My favorite YoyoJam hybrid. I don’t have the caps, making it weigh light. I love it that way. It plays unbelievably fast. It’s also a very sharp looking throw. It’s a polished looking rim, so it has a certain sophisticated look that I love.
A few scuffs, vibey


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