FS: CLYW, YYR, YYF, Werrd, Duncan, X3, ILYY, C3, YYJ, Adegle, + More:

Package deal!!! All Four of these metals for only 100 Shipped :slight_smile: @ Superstars, Qixia Ultimate soldier, and a dark sonic

Ok guys/gals today I’m putting a big chunk of my collection up for sale. I’m not entertaining many trades but I’ll have a short list at the bottom. I am mainly looking to sell though. I’ll pretty much put these all up for offers so if you’re interested just PM me and we can discuss more details


Here’s a link to my flickr and Photobucket where I have the pictures.



Id also prefer to sell the plastics in bundles or with metals to get my moneys worth out of shipping. Makes no sense to send a 10 dollar plastic for the same price as if I was sending a high end metal[/b]

Easiest to get off me:

Adegle PSG: It’s sea foam green, mint, and pretty much smooth. PSGs are among the best low priced plastics out there for reason.

Duncan FHZ:  modded by the great Cyclontzy, smooth, and the body is mint but the caps are cracked. It’s a dyed dark green/gray and Trans blue caps. Its sili recessed and sticker lips removed

Duncan Flipside:  It’s a white flipside that is near mint. It has like a single black smudge that is very small. It’s smooth and is a really unique plastic with the bearing converting spacers.

YYJ Classic: White body/blue caps, mint, and a tiny vibe. It plays great and the classic is imo the best plastic on the market.

C3 Alpha Crash: Wow! It’s a beast of a plastic. It’s been getting a lot of praise lately and I see why. It’s gray and is mint. It’s pretty much smooth and can play really well.

Yomega Raider Exs:  Blue and green, near mint and have tons of spacers. I don’t loop much so I don’t really use them

[s]YYJ SFX: half Red/half clear, great condition and smooth. It’s a proto which is pretty cool. Its rings are a little tarnished but it’s a dope bimetal. Pending

YYJ New Breed: Its red got like one ding and is super smooth. Hands down best Bimetal YYJ has made imo. It’s really great and Eric Koloski uses these in competitions for a reason. Pending
Duncan Echo: Orange, near mint, smooth. This is the best Duncan metal I’ve played and it’s an amazing yoyo.

Qixia Ultimate Soldier: Orange, mint, smooth and surprisingly good. It’s actually a great throw.

C3 Dark Sonic: Purple BB, decent condition, and pretty much smooth. It got a bunch of marks on the rims but it’s a great throw.

YYF 2012 Genesis: Purple/blue acid wash, some scuffs on the rims, smooth. I think these are a tiny bit better than previous genesis but this one is really good.

YYF Superstars: One is a first run that was stripped raw and the other is a blue Camo Superstar. Pretty sure they are both 7075 superstars. Both have scuffs from 3a but no real dings or gauges.

X3 Steamroller: Red, some tiny marks and a dent, dead smooth and an amazing grinding surface. The steamroller is only wide yoyo that I like and have in my collection. It’s honestly an amazing yoyo.

YYF Rockstar: it’s a blue with orange splash hub, b-grade but is smooth. It has ano flaws but that’s it. Its mint and is a great yoyo. I have two but the other is out on a temp trade.

ILYY Liopleurodon: Its gunmetal grey and is candy blast I think but not sure. It’s very smooth and plays great. It has some scuffs on the rims that break ano but don’t hit metal. No dings or deep scrapes.

YYF SuperG: Blue wavelength, some tiny dings on the rims and dead smooth. One of the best YYF’s they’ve made. Spins forever and is a great competition yoyo.

Crucial AYCE: Purple, smooth, and near mint. It has a flat spot that was there when I got it but it’s a great yoyo.

YYF 2012 Supernova: Silver with Red Splash and has some dings on the rims. They aren’t really noticeable due to the clear color. Its smooth and it’s a great yoyo.

Harder to get:

Break Beat Yo Fire: Its light pink, dead smooth, and near mint. This came to me with a tiny prick or two so I got it like that. It’s honestly an amazing yoyo and probably won’t be going anywhere.

Break Beat Yo Lover: Blue, near mint and dead smooth. It got like a little knick from when I was taking a cap out. It’s amazing and light and spins great.

Werrd Pacquiao: Limited edition radiyoactive green color way. It’s super near mint and is super smooth. Those who have played pacquiaos can attest to how awesome and how great they play. It’s a lightweight throw that packs a punch.

X3 La goutte: Purple BB and near mint. Has an ano scuff that doesn’t break ano. It’s super smooth and plays great. Some people consider the La goutte the best throw ever and it definitely deserves the praise.

YYF Supernova: Jon Rob edition and has dings on the rims. It’s super smooth and plays amazing. It’s a really beautiful color way and probably won’t be trading or selling it unless I get a really good offer.

YYR Messiah: Hands down the best undersized throw out there. It’s blue with the new logo and is super smooth. It has small prick cluster and a super tiny nick on the body but the prick cluster doesn’t break ano and is kind of hard to see. Looking to trade for another YYR or sell.

YYR Gleipnir: This thing is a Beast! It’s a big throw with a solid spin. It’s from what I know the only nickel plated YYR out there. It’s a custom job. It has a tiny vibe on grinds and pretty much smooth on the string. It doesn’t affect play at all and is a total beast. I was told it was near mint but upon my inspection it is mint. It will be hard to get from me but I’d consider trades for other YYRs or cash offers.

I also have a Mint Chief it’s yellow with silver speckle and is a third run chief. It plays smooth and is mint. Comes with box as well. Its great and Ill have pics up soon

Money via Paypal

bump…need to sell

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your photobucket is “private” and we can’t view the images…

should be fixed now

I don’t mean for this to sound rude or mean but I don’t understand how you know how it plays or the condition it’s in if you don’t even have it yet. I know you’re probably going on what was in the description when you bought it but…

Please refrain from posting in my BST. If you have any questions please PM me instead of bumping my thread.

To answer the question: Its coming from a trade from a trusted person and its definitely mint and smooth. I obviously wouldn’t give that description if it was false and will validate it when it arrives in a couple days

:slight_smile: want to sell

Please refrain from posting in my BST. If you have any questions please PM me instead of bumping my thread.

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what don’t you people get about PAYPAL ONLY!!! Please dont offer Unless you have paypal

I really need money guys