FT/S: Werrd, C3, RecRev,ILYY, Adegle, Duncan, YYF, More: Package Deals!!!

Sup Guys/Gals. I got some stuff for sale or trade. Get at me folks


Will give discounts on multiples and package deals :slight_smile:

Top Row:
ILYY Lio- Gunmetal candyblast, scuffs on the body but not dings, Very smooth, great yoyo. $55 shipped
C3 Dark Sonic- A Grade, Beadblasted Purple, dings and nicks around rims, smooth $45 shipped
Duncan Raptor- Purple, a couple tiny dings, smooth, great value metal. $30 shipped
Adegle Asteroid- Neon Green, Mint as far as i can tell. Its basically smooth and a great plastic. $15 shipped

Bottom Row:
RecRev TA1S- Hands down best delrin yoyo i’ve played, near mint, one dings and super smooth. $45 shipped
YYF DV888- Custom an by me, a few tiny pricks under ano but overall in excellent condition, smooth too. Dv888s are great undersized metals. One ano flaw in the hub. $45 shipped
RecRev TA1- Pink, two very small dings, smooth, an amazing yoyo. $45 shipped
Werrd Irony- Black with gold speckle, Super smooth, extremely fast and stable, Mint too. $80 shipped


All three of those for $100 shipped!!!

Heres a link to my flickr where i have other things for sale (things past page 6 are old pictures)

Wants:Condition doesnt matter but will be valued accordingly
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (CASH IS KING)
DS Wrath
Freq. Wave (turquoise only)
OG Macrocosm
YYJ Classics (sweeteners for trades)
BreakBeat Yo Killer
Capless (Teal/Silver only)

up…Mainly Want to sell

werrd (word) irony GONE! (to me) ;D