Trading some of my throws

Im looking to see what i can trade for some of my older throws that i haven’t been using. Im not really looking for any specific yoyo. Trades only.


The yoyo could use some new pads and the yoyo has a lot of dings. However its still very floaty on the string. This one is a classic. I can add hubstacks if you want.

Hand painted darkmagic

This is my first unresponsive yoyo where i learned most of my basics. the yoyo has some wear and tear    but not to much where it would effect the play. It has a lot of minor scuffs and only one big gash(you can  see in the picture).

Duncan Freehand metal zero

I didnt play with this one that much because its responsive and never wanted to take the time to mod it
at all. so the yoyo is in very good condition with very few scuffs.

YYF pocket change TRADED

Like i said im just looking for trades and im up for any offer you see fit as a trade.