FS/FT: Hitman, Freehand, and more...

For trade:

I am trading/selling a few of my older and un-used yo-yo’s.

LF: I am not really into specific yo-yo’s as much as I am into attractive yo-yo’s. If your yo-yo isn’t on my list, send me a picture and I might be interested. A few I am looking for:

  • Go Big
  • Duncan Pulse
  • Micro Mo
  • PSG
  • Diablo’s
  • Interesting Colorways

Hitman X

This yo-yo has one ding on the rim that came with the yo-yo. I love the Hitman, and I really like the new YYJ bearing seats, but I am not into the black color. I don’t use it and I would like to trade it for another YYJ or even two good plastics.


It is used, but has no visible damage. I would like to trade this for another metal with a neat splash or ano. Price $70.


Brand new, barely thrown. I don’t like the concept of friction stickers and I will trade this for another plastic of similar cost such as a Whip, PSG, Classic or such.


I don’t remember if this is the original DarkMagic or not, but I know I bought it in 2004. It is well used and has seen a lot of love. It is cracked and has many scuffs/dings as seen in the picture. One pog is also creased and folded from removal back when thumb grinds were hip. Plays smooth as expected


Fist gen and has been well used. I don’t play offstring much and I have decided I don’t like the idea of solid plastic offstring yo-yo’s.

Monkey Finger Buff

I tried it, I didn’t care for the feel of it. As is, and will add it to a trade.

I keep an updated picture folder of all the yo-yo’s I am willing to trade or sell here: https://picasaweb.google.com/100853393571647916353/YoYoSForTrade?authuser=0&feat=directlink

Take a look and let me know if you see something you are interested in. I prefer to trade, but will take cash. Paypal only. Offer, I might accept.