FS/FT: YYF, YYJ, HSpin, Crucial, RecRev, Duncan *Prices Lowered*

Hey guys, I have some yoyos I’d like to sell or trade.

First up, a Recreational Revolution No. 9

Incredible yoyo.
I love this yoyo, I just don’t feel I throw it enough and think it could use a better home.
Has 5 scuffs, and two dings. Can’t feel any vibe.
Looking for $40 or trade.

Next, and '08 888.

Fantastic yoyo.
Has dings like the ones pictured all around the rims.
Slight vibe that I haven’t spent too much time tuning, but I can.
Putting this up for my brother. He is also looking for offers.

Next up, a Crucial Cream

Such a good yoyo.
Spent a few months as my main throw, but I don’t use it much anymore.
Currently tuned to smooth and has one minor scuff.
Very underrated.
Looking for $40 or trade offer.

Next a YYJ Atmosphere.

Amazing yoyo.
Has tipical YYJ vibe.
Two minor scuffs that are very hard to see.
$25 or trade offer.

Next up, a pair of X-ConVicts.

They are a 3A pair, so they’re scuffed. Also have a few dings. Nothing major.
Both have tipical YYJ vibe.
$35 for the pair or trade offer.

Next, a FHZ

Pad recessed and painted.
Pad recess is pretty clean, and looks deep enough for silicone.

Next, a Throw Monkey

Mainly a deal sweetner.
$8 if you want to buy it.

Flying Panda

Normal 4A damage.
This is my brother’s as well. Deal sweetner for 888.

Next, a 2010 FH2

Never opened.
Deal sweetner.

Lastly, a Higby painted 201.

The caps are mint, but the yoyo itself has seen better days.
Offer up on this.

No Paypal, sorry.


However, this is just some stuff that would spark my interest:
Supernova (lite or normal)
Genesis (The beater the better)
Cool FHZs (SE, modded, whatever)

Would trade highly in your favor for:

PM me.


i have two yoyojam hitmans mint tht i will trade for the no.9