FOR SALE/TRADE - Majesty, Veritas, Sq. Wheels Nomad, Duncan Exit 8 + more

(If you message me and I don’t message you back feel free to send another)

In order from left to right, top to bottom
V1 Proto G2 Bansheeb[/b], 2sick Blitzb[/b], Duncan Exit 8, Crucial Jirorian b[/b], Alpho21kyo, Dif-E-Yo GTO

Chico Kestrel, GenYo Majesty, Square Wheel Nomadb[/b], YYF B-grade Shu-Tab[/b], iYoyo Veritas, C3 Token

YYF replay, Duncan Freehand Pro, YYF b-grade speed dial, YYF loop 1080, Superyo Wildcat, Yomega ooch

YYF Shaqler Star, YYF Flight
Slightly more detailed pics:
G2 Banshee damage pics:[/b]
Majesty damage:
Flight damage:
Nomad damage:[/b]
Jirorian flaws:[/b]
Freehand pro damage:
Shu Ta damage:[/b]
Most yoyos contain slight damage. If you are interested in any of these yoyos just send me a pm and I can also provide better pictures of the individual yoyos. Other yoyos have damage, I just haven’t taken a pic of each one yet.

I’m trying to sell before I trade, but I’m looking to try some new yoyos so just offer what you got. I’d be willing to add $5 or $10 to one of my yoyos if that would even out the deal. What I’m not looking for is two lower end yoyos for one of my yoyos, I’m trying to slim the collection a bit.

I’m trying to sell before I trade. If you’d like, you can give me a cash offer on any yoyo, but I’d prefer to not ship anything less than $25 of value. Also if you are interested in a yoyo you can ask me to give you a price and I’ll try and suggest something I think is fair.