FS/FT PGM, FHZ"s, Modded Plastics, Mighty Flea, Metal Zero, Sunset, Yo-Yo Case.

Hey, I have a few yo-yos for sale OR trade, look below!  O0 Pics are here >>>>> http://picasaweb.google.com/109196201923118412014/FHZSForSale#

-Aqua and Blue FHZ++, it is wicked smooth and completely new Takeshi recessed and sticker lip removed

- Pink n’ White FHZ, recessed by me, plays awesome! mint and new

- Zebra painted FHZ, Plays awesome, takeshi recessed, amazing!

- YYF PGM, its white and painted with a black speckle on the inside rims, one side is completely mint, the other side has cracks in it, also has no bearing. --$15

- Duncan Metal Zero, spiral satined, unresponsive, i painted the inside of it black, 2 scratches under the satin, plays good.–$15
  - Mighty Flea V1 Engraved version, its completely mint and plays awesome! VERY RARE now days! one side has kentaro pad and other side is silicone recessed. Looking mainly for trades.–Offer

- Duncan Mosquito, flattened rim and dual silicone recessed, weight ringed, plays good, not much vibe, mint. --Offer

- Duncan Avenger, dual silicone recessed, unresponsive, mint, plays very good for a looper. --Offer

- Sunset Trajectory NXG, one ding and a few scratches, plays VERY good, my favorite looper. --$10
  - Yoyosam Case, has some stickers on it and a few ripped paper marks, counterweight holes cut out.–$8

-Yoyofactory Z-stacks, they are black and mint condition, work very well! -$5[/s]

-Yoyojam Synerggy caps Size 3, painted by me, work well, kind of loud (as are all synergy caps) will fit the Dark Magic and Meteor, Duncan Hayabusa and Hayabusa SL, Duncan Freehand Zero, Duncan Freehand MG, Duncan Diversion, and soon to be the Duncan Drifter! :slight_smile: --$4

-Yoyoexpert Trading Cards, All are mint I have a bunch of them, here are the repeats and ones i want to trade…Grzesiek “Gaberus” Piwowarek, John Ando, and Sebastian Brock. (not for sale, only trade) --Offer

Looking For…

  1. Fundametals
      2) Bigger yo-yo case (preferably the 24 star case on yoyoguy.com )
      3) YYF
      4) Active People Aqua Astrojax
      5) CLYW
      6) YYJ
      7) spare duncan parts
      8) White Hubstacks
      9) Mint or near mint Sunset NXG’s
      10) Loop 900’s
      11) Yoyoexpert Trading Cards (ask about which ones i want)
      12)Offer something- i will probably be very interested if its a good offer.