Selling a bunch of yoyos!!!!!!!!!!come look inside

haha yea i just thought of it and it made me laugh. so this is gonna be a little thread trying to sell some yoyos. each is described to the best i can. each one plays great and will play up to your expectations. i Only ship in the US!!! I use usps via first class. if you want priority ur gonna have to pay. all prices are offer. i dont like lowballs but if you have an offer hit me up with a pm. im pretty much only looking to sell but i wouldnt mind a superstar, genesis, or pure or bape or eetsit.

First is gonna be the plastics
Duncan FHZ- its blue/yellow. its satined and half silicone recessed and half pad recessed. the sili was by me and the pad side is takeshi. it plays great. like a fhz should
another FHZ-  its pink and single side pad recess that is filled with silicone. it has black throwdown rings that has a scratch from previous owner. i love fhzs with throw down rings, they play so beastly.
Modded squirrel- it has been modded to take an spr. I have both large and small sprs, but i only want to get rid of one so you can choose which one. its marbled blue and it has a few scuffs.
YYJ SFHG- its blue and its great. i really dig it and it plays awesome. it does have one nipple cracked and scuffs but nothing hinders play.
Duncan hayabusa- pink with black rings. it has a botched pad recess but it still plays awesome.
YYF PGM V2- it plays great,nice and smooth. the only thing is that it doesnt have the stacks on it.

Now for the metals
Rec Rev Bad Rep- this thing is sweet,seriously. we all know the bad with alex kim but this yoyo is awesome. it plays super smooth and has great spin times. its very near mint with only a small prick that doesnt even go through ano. it comes with yellow stacks and clear z stacks. it has a centertrak in it now but im gonna throw in the OG bearing in it.
YYJ Axiom- this thing is awesome as well. it would take a good offer. this thing is super underrated and it plays great. its blue/green and it mint as far as i can tell. handles everything i can throw at it.
CLYW Bassalope- its black/purple acid wash. it has a few small dings but only like 4. it plays nice and smooth. such a great yoyo. im in the process of finding it lol.
Anti-yo Bapezilla- this thing is just to test the waters. i dont really wanna sell it but im pretty much putting my collection up. it has been very loved. its has scuffs all over the body. its previosuly owned by jake bullock. i polished up the rims to remove the dings. it plays great. has a bit of vibe but should be able to tune it out soon

how much for the axiom?