LF Small bearing yoyos

Looking for “A” bearing throws.
Exit 8
Small bearing skyline
Small bearing 888
Small bearing anything. :slight_smile:
Offer up.
Also mighty flea, shurken, and eli dirt.
Looking to trade.

This is what I have to trade.

Duncan diversion stock used pinpricks.

Siliconed Duncan FHZ, No bearing or axle two sets of spacers.


Duncan FHZ clear stock used condition.

Duncan Mayhem stock no major damage some pin pricks.

Henerys viper flux. Stock

YYJ sunset painted by krisgoat in a fish theme for me. Used and needs an axle.

Higby YYJ sunset nxg’s, siliconed, and used. One has a little problem with the bearing seat that I have not noticed being a problem, but it is damadged.

Duncan hayabusa SL used for 4A.

Duncan hayabusa standard 4A use.

Pro Z, this ones mod spacers are messed up. cracking along one side.

Duncan butterfly XT, this yoyo has not been played much at all.

Old school fh2 used with little damdadge.

Tiger shark, this is a newer model not a old school one.

Tom kuhn no jive maple

Tom kuhn spite fire fiend magazine eddition.

Green sparkle tom kuhn no jive 3 in 1. This one has some damadge.

bumping this back up.


Not looking to sell these unless you are willing to pay more then they are worth. I just want to trade.

Still looking for these yoyos.

Getting this bumped up now.

Well still looking.

Got some buy offers but no trades really looking to trade right now.

Got the one drop now I am looking for tmbr irving pro, as well as anti yo’s, and ect.

More added sometime in the near future.

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:slight_smile: I wish there was just a bump button.