[s]looking to get rid of these old yoyos. They dont get used and most of them have barely been used.  shipping not included. shipping will depend on how much you buy
They are going to be CHEAP and i just want to get rid if them. If You want a Different Bearing in Any of Them Just PM me.  BEST DEAL I WILL SELL ALL 6 FOR 40$!!!
[color=maroon]THE HIGBY FHZ IS GONE!!![/color]

Im looking TO BUY(unless you want to trade for any of these) any code 2s i dont care if they are beaters or not,  just offer anything and im  interested in a KLR . if the price is right i will take one off someones hands.

I Have a very beat 2008 YYF 888. Its blue and i have the  yellow hubstacks but they arent attached to it because they need that little ring. Its still pretty darn smooth but a bit vibey. If you are interested PM for picture and we will work out a price. I most likely will not go lower than 35$

The Alchemy Nimbus is in great shape. Good Size A bearing, smallest pinmarks, cant see them on camera and you cant feel them. It needs a second recessed response pad so if you are interested that may be needed. It costs 80$ New. My Price: $50 $30

I Also have a YYJ Dark Magic 2. Its black and pretty beat. No caps. I sharpied the inside reed but got rid of pretty much all of it with some nail polish remover but there are some hints of red here and there on the inner-hard-to-get-at spots. bit of vibe but plays rather well. PM for Pictures
Price: 15$ OBO

This is a YYF California . a person gave it to me but it play decent. Its b-Grade but i dont know why. Good Spins and it is smooth. Its pretty ding up but it is a good metal.Its got a YYJ Bearing. Since i dont know what it is im going to sell it for a price that is less than what I think it is worth. My Price: $35 $15

The YYF PGM Is barely used. Smallest marks not visible on camera. I was dumb enough to sharpie one side blue when i was bored so that drops the price a lot. Has Stock Bearing. So because this thing has hubstacks and hubstacks are worth like 20$, but i sharpied them, My Price: $15 $10

The YYJ Speed Maker is just so bad its going to be very cheap. i took the response out and sanded some stuff down and it just does not throw well. It does have a YYF Size C Bearing in it though. It works just not well. Anyone who is good with modding could easily fix it and make it really good. My Price: $5 Price Negotiable. FREE WITH OTHER YOYO

Shipping Is Free
Paypal only Please.

PM If you Are Interested.



The unknown yoyo might be a VK or california?

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So Do You think it is Worth more than 35?

im looking fo some of these yoyos, pretty much ill pay cash if the deal is good mostly because i dont have much for trade that people would want unless they want a beater.

Paypal only please!

im looking for some supernovas and or supernova lites, pretty much ill pay cash if the deal is good mostly because i dont have much for trade that people would want unless they want a beater.

Paypal only please!

IM looking for any supernovas i dont care if they are beaters or not, supernova lites or 7075 just offer anything and im somewhat interested in a KLR but im not sure. if the price is right i might take one off someones hands. Not really looking to trade because i pretty much dont have anything to trade that would meet the value of a supernova or KLR.








I pm u

Hey I pm u?

I’m gonna buy them if you get back with me before to late I wanna get it done b4 I have to go to bed to night