Must get rid of YYFs, want Super G or Cash

Hey, I am trying to get rid of a ton of yoyos that I don’t use at all. Paypal only. US only.
I used to be very active on the B/S/T quite a few years ago. I have 24 positive feedbacks on YYN under the same name.

Feel free to make offers on whatever I have. We can negotiate.

Pics upon request.

YYF Supernova Lite, black acid wash, small scratches along the rim, pretty smooth $45 Shipped
This used to be my main throw, but then I got a 2012 Supernova and now I barely touch this one. The scratches are barely noticeable due to the colorway. There is a TINY bit of vibe that you can only feel if you look for it.

YYF Severe 2010, red wavelength, scratches along bearing seat (otherwise mint), dead smooth $55 Shipped

YYF Primo, green/black acid wash, small scratches, pretty smooth $45 Shipped
This thing plays like a dream. It is extremely stable and comfortable and it grinds for hours. It plays like a much more comfortable MVP.

YYF C13, silver with black splash, black hubstacks, scratches along rim, pretty smooth $45 Shipped
Not much to say about this. Plays like most undersized yoyos.

YYF Nova, blue/orange acid wash, mint, dead smooth $45 Shipped
This is a really fun yoyo. It looks awesome when spinning and it’s dead smooth.

YYF Dv888 $25 Shipped
I’ll have pics of this really soon, but for now I’ll just try to describe it. The hubs are blue and the body is white. The rims have been sanded and are raw aluminum. The axle sticks out of one half. It vibes a little bit. It’s a good beater.

2x Duncan Metropolis, both purple, lots of 3a scratches, $35 Shipped for pair

The only trade I will consider is for a Super G. Not the 7075 version. Doesn’t have to be mint or smooth, but it has to be playable.

Is there any way you would sell the nova for cheaper?

Please send your offers in PM. We can negotiate the price.


I feel for you man. (“must get rid of YYF”)
Its good for a little while, but then you find another throw.
And every one plays almost the same!

Nah dude, all of my main throws are made by Yoyofactory (Supernova, MVP, and Super G). They make extremely high quality yoyos (stable and smooth) for a reasonable price (usually between $85 and $120). I’ve just accumulated too many of them that I don’t use and want to let go of them for cheap. In my honest opinion, Yoyofactory is the best brand in terms of quality, affordability, and availability.

Also, bump.

Imma need some pics.

The mods can do their own job.

Bump. I have literally a billion things to do and not a minute to spare. If you want to see pictures of something specifically, PM me and I will take them.