Yoyos are gone! Mods please delete!!!!

Hi Guys! Welcome to my Buy/Sell/Trade!

I have two yoyos for sale: a YYF Supernova and Delrin Severe.

The Supernova is a 2012 version in the black/silver acid wash colorway. It looks really cool. It plays well, I just don’t really use it much anymore. Plus I need money. ;D It has a few scratches that are really, really hard to see. It has very small vibe and is smooth for the most part. Comes with the box and a 10-ball bearing. I’d like to get $50 for this one, but the price is negotiable.

The Severe is a black delrin version. It plays well, just like the Supernova, but I don’t play with it much. Has a few minor scratches/scuffs that are nearly invisible. Some vibe, although it’s not too noticeable. Comes with the box and a 10-ball bearing. Looking for $30 for this throw.

Get both for $70

Both come with one Kitty 1.5 string.

Unites States ONLY. Shipping:$6

Thanks for looking!!! :smiley:


More Pics:



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My yoyos have been traded. Mods delete please!!!

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