Yoyofactory sale

Heres a few YYF that dont get the treatment they deserve.
Paypal (cover fees please. It helps)
/Venmo/cashapp only please. No trades

shipping may take a week or two due to the pandemic. Its 118 average where i am located so waiting outside is a nightmare. Prices are shipped as followed

Superstar blue with green stacks - ultimate beast of a throw. Rims were sanded and polished by a past player (i think Scott Attaway) not to cover cosmetic damage. Has a tiny pulse vibe that doesnt affect play. Beautiful throw overall - $60 OBO

2 YYF Cyborgs (OG) Both colorways they made it in. Both mint. Both smooth, one for 60, both for 100.

  1. YYF primo. A few pinprick marks. They dont affect play. Good throw overall. Pulse vibe - $45 OBO

  2. YYF Nova. Undersized throw with no vibe. Very very minimal pinpricks. Barely even noticable. Looks like tiny dust particles - $40 OBO

  3. YYF Rockstar OG dinged but little vibe. Perfect throw if you want that classic YYF feel. $45 OBO

6.YYF MVP mint. Smooth. Not sure if its a I or II. Pretty sure its a OG. Correct me if im wrong - 70 OBO

7.YYF new skyline. Mint smooth $25

8 YoyoJam PhoenomIzm - pretty good throw. Ik its a oldie, no cracking or problems that I can see

Feel free to ask for more pics. Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey, did anyone get anything from this guy? I got some stuff from him and he hasn’t shipped or replied now for 2 weeks.



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PM sent

That same thing happened to me

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Do not buy from this seller. Both me and @Xwtb bought from him and we haven’t heard from him at all since we did. If you value your hard earned money at all, stay away from this seller.

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