selling most of collection

hey guys. school is really busy and i dont yoyo much anymore, and i am in need of money. i have decided to sell most of my collection. these yoyos are strictly for SALE and not for trade. i dont want anything to trade.

markmont next. used, mint. 10 ball bearing. 80-90 bucks.
undeniable edition genesis. 1 small ding 1 big ding. both sanded down. 65-70 bucks
clyw bear vs man ogopogo edition. a couple dings major one in pic. doesnt affect grinding. 70+ bucks
yomega maverick. siliconed, satined, deshielded bearing. 1 shallow gash. name a price

blue and yellow pgmv2. it can come stacked or unstacked. satined siliconed. 20 bucks
army green and black pgmv2. can come stacked or unstacked. siliconed. 25 bucks.
green freehand 2. flat rim reshape, cleaned bearing, silicone recessed. great practice and 5a yoyo. 10 bucks
red yomega saber rader. mint never played. 10 bucks
freehand 2010. blue. mint no pads. 12 bucks
broken protostar. gray. siliconed. maybe for a modder? no spacers bearings or axle. offer

old new breed. half gray half brownish-black satined. 30 bucks.

yoyo case. holds 12 yoyos. 2 large inside pockets. one small outside pocket. 3 1/2 pounds. looking for around 20-30 bucks for this one.
around 35 orange yellow and red yoyonation highlites. 5 bucks or best offer.
around 70 50/50 slick 6 yoyosam yellow strings. 7 bucks or best offer
assorted buddy jim strings. offer.
4 assorted bearings. 1 bearing for the maverick. dont know if they work. offer
ricestacks. brown and black with white pips. 5 bucks
rainbow G5 g stacks. 10 bucks or best offer
center track bearing 7 bucks
extra yomega raider/saber spacers and bearings. offer.
freehand extra spacers offer.
new breed caps. offer
yomega brain lube offer
thin lube offer
assorted counter weights. 7. offer.
modder cutters screwdrivers.

free with yoyo purchase:
extra maverick bearing c clips and shields
extra c size and center track bearing c clips and shields.
black nubs

  thanks guys. 

pics coming soon

more pics


Is the yoyofactory grind machine still wobbly? cuz ive seen ur vids

sorry have been busy. no it is not. bump