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i got a pink protege im asking 50$ as is. i have a new centertrac bearing or YYE bearing ill put in it for 55$ cuz the original bearing is de-shielded. also the responce rings have fell out of it so i have put red RTV in it instead which i like better anyway because it makes it more unresponsive. other than that the yoyo is mint with box. there is no marks on it. i give it a 9/10 as far as condition goes.

the next throw im selling is a silver 2010 G5. its flawless and super smooth. i have alot of stuff to go with this so im askin 80$ with just the z-stacks and box. i have the tall top stacks, red rice stacks, also lime green hub stacks for it also if u want any of these acessories i will negotiate a price for them with u. i have to give this a 9/10 just because i have used it a bit i feel no used yoyo should get a 10 but ive never abused this

ok the last yoyo im getting rid of is a NQP blue OD 54. i hate to see this go but i need some money. i love this thing is super smooth equiped with a 10 ball bearning. i have the brass domes and aluminum spikes with it. no box. asking 75$. again 9/10.

these prices include shipping. as far as trades go im taking any non low-ball offers. im not looking much for trades but if i like what i hear i might change my mind. paypal only and trying to keep this in the states might bump up prices for over sea shipping. im willing to trade or sell anything in the case if i like the deal. PM me for any q’s

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