Sale time! Possibly trades.

Sale time! I’d much rather sell, but i could trade aswell.
What i have,

Starbrite- maybe two tiny scratches 15$

FHZ- Large bearing, painted by brett grimes. 25$

Proyo ace II - Scratches all around 15$

Yoyofactory Replay- sold only at worlds 2010, never made again. Some marks 20$

Cold metal minigor- Like most of my yoyos, small marks here and there. 25$

Acrylic yoyo by landon- Has a REALLY bad vibe. Cool to have. Offer GONE

Broken hub superstar- The hub on one half has bassically popped out. Like on the old gm2’s, but not totally out. Modding? Other than that it’s perfectly fine. Offer


I’d sell them all for 90$ (That’s a good deal)

Offer whatever, the worst i can say is no thanks!

Bootleg yo-yo removed - please do not sell or trade bootlegs here.

you should update that i have the acrylic