I'm back! Anyone for some yoyos? I gots all kinds!

Man, I haven’t been on here in years! Good to see it’s still going strong! Unfortunately, I fell out of the trade, so I’m selling off a bunch of the collection.

Unfortunately, the attachment portion of the forum is being kind of finicky, so if you’d like some pictures, shoot me a P.M.

First I have a B grade chaotic. I used it for 5A, so it’s pretty beat up. I’m also pretty sure I might have gotten angry and taken a bite out of it… so there might be a few teeth marks… Still a perfect beginner for someone. $50.00

Next I have an 888 with no hubstacks and one silicone pad missing. It’s pretty scratched up, but nothing to deep. $45.00

I have a Dif-E-Yo tank that has quite a bit of a vibe to it. It’s still a very solid player! It kinda looks like it went through WWII as far as scratches and dings go. $50.00

Last I have a G5 with some Z-stacks that has some dings and more scratches $50.00

Now I can tell you about the better lookin’ ones!

A black and red Rozzor by Werrd. Good beginner metal yoyo. $40.00

Now a Yoyojam Eneme. This is a great yoyo with some light scratching on the rim, however no dings. $50.00

Next an Hspin Beysick. Gold with some very minor scratching and a really small ding. $30.00

Next a green Yoyofactory popstar. A real strong player in awesome shape. No scratches, dings, claw marks, teeth marks, bites taken out of it, etc. $20.00

P.M. or reply if you’d like to take one of these babies home today!

And being as I have not been on in 3+ years, I’m guessing some of these prices are OUTRAGEOUS! Some of these guys have gone extinct in the last few years, so I don’t know the value… Some may call it blasphemy, or madness, I say OFFER AWAY!

Thanks guys, and it’s good to reminisce a little! I’ll probably put some more up here in the not too distant future.