anyone going to IYYO want a hectic with 2 stainless steel bearings that is silid

if i go to the IYYO i may be selling a hectic with a lot of dings but none of them affect the play if you want it PM me and you will get to see it at IYYO yea i know that you cant see it but it doesnt matter. The bearings are the YYF spec and a YYN bearing i am selling it for around 50$ i am going that low because of the amount of dings, not how big the dings are. i will not except anything lower then 48$ but am willing to cooperate for your amount possibly but i would love the asking price. if you have an asking price that is lower then 40, i expect a yoyo along with the cash (something like a speedmaker or a celcon plastic YYJ) Sorry for the inconvience of the NO pics

here is a video, o and in the video i say it is sold out at YYN, there is also only 1 left at YYE and at such a low price with so much extra stuff you cant refuse. (i will also do this and 20$ for a genesis of any kind in almost mint condition, pics required though)

You could just edit your thread itself instead of double posting.

lol i am pretty new to the fourms but do you want it or know anyone that wants it?

No thanks.

84 posts isn’t that new.

yea well ive been on for a while maybe i can supply pics for people though