Selling a bunch of yoyos for cheap.

link to the pics:

All prices include shipping

these are in order of appearance in the photo set
Anti-Yo ywet okay conditon, smooth, comes with denim bag and cd. 80 dollars.

oxy 3vo, the usual raw marks, smooth as an oxy can be, 70 dollars.

G&E4 black lily #42, some wobble and vibe and a few marks shown in the pic. 50 dollars

YYJ Chaser, a few unnoticeable scuffs, some wobble and vibe, one of the caps is loose. 20 dollars.

beat up wobbly bully, 20 dollars.

near mint buzzon menehune, 25 dollars.

yoyo girl cop counterweight, 10 dollars, 5 if you buy it with something else.

Lucha Libre, some scratches, the bearing seat is broken on it like many others, this is mod fodder, 20 dollars.

BVSM AYYA edition, unengraved, near mint, 100 dollars

YYF One, 10 dollars, 5 if you get it with something else.

FHC, this a large bearing spacer kit modded freehand zero by Cyclontzy I think, 30 dollars.

freehand zero weight ring mod, it has some marks under the rim due to the mod that dont affect play, 25 dollars.

one drop I think, I don’t know what yoyo this is, it has no bearing, I don’t go online enough to know what this is. SOLD

near mint yyj phenomizm, 30 dollars

all green rockstar, smooth, has some scuffs all around the rim, 45 dollars.

painted freehand zero, some marks, 10 dollars, 5 if you buy it with something else.

888 scratched all around the rim, smooth, 30 dollars.

payment by paypal preferably, or money order.

R the pices in order