Cali Update! Case Clearance #2! FS/FT: YYF, SPYY, YYJ, Aoda

I seem to accumulate yoyos like my washing machine accumulates socks, so… you guys get to buy all my extra stuff! Cash is preferred, but I will accept trades, especially ones on my want list. Discounts for multiple purchases.

For payment, I prefer Paypal, but anything’s fine. All prices are OBO and include First Class shipping without tracking. PM all offers please.

I have some C-sized concave, flat,and 10-ball bearings for sale - $9 $8! shipped for the first, and $7 $6! for each one after that. Looking to trade for a size A KK.

SPYY Spyder - Superhero edition. In great condition, with only a few flat spots. One of my favorite looking yoyo, so I’d be fine keeping this if the right offer doesn’t come along. Will come with a KK. $65 $60!

YYF Boss - Great condition, and a very smooth performer. The worst ding is pictured; there is one other pinprick and 2 or 3 flat spots. $65 $60!

YYF California - B-grade for crooked license plate, smoother than my A-grade. No damage other than tiny 5A marks. Good player and great for 3A. $50

Aoda Immortal Star - It had a tiny nick on one rim when I opened it brand new, and it’s been thrown about 5 times since. Gorgeous and incredibly unique yoyo. Surprisingly smooth on the stacks. It comes with everything on this sheet of paper, which is everything it came with, including plastic and metal hubstacks, with 2 extra hubstack bearings and one extra hubstack screw. $60 $55!

YYF Loop 720s - Near mint. $30 $25!

YoyoJam Dark Magic - V1, marble painted, no caps. One or two tiny cracks in the hub. Still plays great. $25, $20 with a metal

A-sized Concave bearing
General-Yo Hatrick
Aoda Pirate, Free King, or Lightning
SPYY Supra
CLYW Bassalope, Gnarwhal, or Campfire
Chico Bulldog
Undersized yoyos

CLYW Campfire - VNM. One or two tiny ano spots that I couldn’t get to show up in pictures. Sold for $60
YYF Starlite - Mint. Sold for $19.99
YYJ SR-71 with box - Typical raw marks on rims - no scuffs or dings, I’d call it mint. Sold for $35
YYF Boss - My near-beater, but still surprisingly smooth. I might just keep it, because it really does play well. It would come with a bearing, even though there isn’t one in the pic. Sold for $45 minus $5 multiple purchase discount
Prison Break Limited Edition G5 with Box - 5A scuffs, one very small ding. Comes with black Z-stacks. I’ll include a pair of black hubstacks and a package of 10 or so hubstack o-rings for another $5. Sold for $60 plus $5 shipping to Canada
Wolf Lake Peak - Mint with box. Sold for $150
Kyo Alph #085 with Box - typical raw finish scuffs. No dings. Sold for $60
YYF Protege - Neon hot pink. I know the pics look orange, but trust me, this thing is VERY pink. Mint. Great shape and a really great player; if you’re looking for Northstar shape and play in a metal, but prefer undersized (or pink), this is the throw for you! Keeping
YYJ Dark Magic V1 Limited Edition - Mint with box. It has an amazing black and silver marbled finish. I’ve been told that it’s called the “graphite” finish and was a limited edition for Worlds 2007. They retailed for $60. The pics really don’t do this finish justice. Sold for $45
Kyo DNS - One tiny flat spot on the blue half, but flawless other than that. Sold for $50 minus a $5 multiple purchase discount
Kyo Senza Nome - Mint, and in my opinion the best player out of the Kyos that I’ve thrown. Currently set up to play a bit responsive. $60 Sold for $50
SPYY Pro - Mint and smooth, a bit too big for my tastes but well known for its amazing play. Sold for $75
1 of 20 Prototype ILYY Rocket mint in the original pouch. This yoyo has a gorgeous red candyblast that grinds better than anything else I’ve ever felt. Traded for a mint Phenomizm and slightly dinged Y-Factor
12-hole soft case - mint, and practically new. Sold for $30
Crucial Cream - Great condition, and great player. Biggest mark is visible in the left pic. If you haven’t experienced the awesomeness of a Crucial delrin, here’s your chance. Traded for a slightly dinged Boss and $10
CLYW Gnarwhal - Near mint. The pinpricks are visible in the second pic. I’d be fine with keeping this one if I don’t get a high enough offer. Sold for $90
CLYW Peak - Sebby edition. Very near mint with box. The only damage is one pinprick barely visible on the left half in the second pic. Smooth, and an amazing player. If anybody here has yet to own a Peak, here’s your chance! Sold for $115
CLYW Wooly Marmot - Very near-mint with box. Fools Gold for ano; it plays just as smooth as my other Marmot. One tiny ding, visible in the second pic. Sold for $75
SPYY SaveDeth TrainWreck - Mint, smooth. Sold for $65
YoYo-UFO Mercury - Mint with box. Smooth, and incredible play for the price. Comes with original 10-ball concave bearing. Sold for $35
SPYY Flying V - Very near mint. If you want a slimline pocket yoyo with amazing performance, this is the yoyo for you. The tiny mark is visible at the top of the first pic. Sold for $60
SPYY Punchline - Mint V1 with box. Sold!
BBYY Bully - A few dings around the rims. Another great player that I might end up keeping. Sold for $45
One Drop M1 - Dings around the rims, sanded smooth. The pic shows the worst of the damage - the other side is nowhere near as bad. Surprisingly smooth, great pocket throw. Sold for $30
YoyoJam Legacy - I’ve heard they’re discontinued, so this is a great chance to pick up a surprisingly great playing plastic. Great condition, OG caps flipped, no marks on other cap. Sold for $18
YoyoJam Lyn Fury - Near mint condition. Great plastic. Sold for $15

Bump! 5 gone the first day! Better hurry before they’re all gone!

Also, if anyone has any info on that Dark Magic, I’d really appreciate it!

I’ve got some info.

It’s an '07 Worlds marble DM1. Their retail was $60, and they took literally 3 years to sell out.

IF you need any more info, I can try and find it :slight_smile:

Bump! Peak’s currently at $150. I’ll be selling it sometime tonight!

Peak sold. Plenty of good stuff left though! Make me an offer!

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Do prices include shipping??


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Question, you do understand that a 10 ball is $8 new and a KK is $15 new, right? I really don’t see anyone trading 2 KK’s (or CT’s for that matter) for one 10 ball. I’m not trying to be a downer, I just don’t see that as a fair trade.

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