FS/FT: A crap load of stuff.

Just offer away, the worst I can do is say no. Just trying to clean out some older stuff I don’t use.

Yomega Hyper Bandai Stealthfire
Mint. Red. Awesome. Best plastic transaxle I’ve ever played.

Duncan Freehand 2 V.2
Mint. Red. One new Friction Sticker stock.

Duncan Throwmonkey Modsquad Large Bearingized
Great condition, light wear on rims. Cracking around axle nub, nothing that affects play. Yellow with black rims and Modsquad caps. One new Flerry White silicone sticker stock.

Yomega Fireballs (x2) with Duncan guts.
Mint. Half yellow half blue. These have Duncan spacers and A sized bearings with Friction Stickers.
Stock axles, no cracking.

Yomgea Fireballs (x5) stock.
One red/blue pair, one red/yellow pair. Let me know if you want different color combos. All mint.
Also have one MIP yellow Fireball. Mint and stock.

Mint Duncan Proyos (x7) stock.
3 blue, 3 red, and 1 orange without axle. Offer for a pair or just one.

Stock Duncan Throwmonkey. White with blue rims. Normal wear and tear, nothing bad. One worn Friction Sticker and one Chu Pad stock.

Pair of Peterfish Dominators. Stock and mint. Black with green caps.

Duncan Butterflys (x2)
Both red. One mint and the other has the word JUMP etched into the logo.

Blue Duncan Reflex.
Mint except for some scratches on both sides. Stock.

Modded Raiders. Come ut kind of bad, still work though.The Hyper one is actually pretty good but the green one is to tight/gap’s to small.

Cheap Blazing Teens looking yoyo. No logos on it. Stock. Pretty much mint.
And, a dollar store yoyo. Nothing much to say here, will throw it in with anything else really. Says Special YoYo! Ja-Ru on both sides.

Pair of black 1a mode Flymaster rims. Note that these are the cheap rubber kind, not the new hard platsic kind that come wit the Offstring and Pocket Change. Also got two YYN gloves. Medium I think.
Normal string wear. Also got one black Duncan glove, large I think. Like new.

Last but least we have a near mint Senza Nome! Light scratches on the logo area, and yeah!!! Stock bearing, Dif-Pads stock, really nice yoyo when used with slick 6 50/50 string.

that’s it really. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just offer anything you think I’d like.
Also make cash or trade offers and the smaller stuff too.

Thats all folks!


I’m selling a YYF DV888 for $30 shipped.

lol that DV888 used to belong to jump! I traded him for it!