My Collection Video B/S/T. *Not Quitting*


all my yoyos except my black red splash dv888.  that is up fore sale or trade also…  Here’s the video.  I am not quitting i am just seeing what new throws i can get  justoffer anything.

From left to right:
Painted fhz neon green and black splotch 1 or 2 scratches unseen but can be felt Gone for 25
Orange alchemy silk from the 2004 silk dieng contest with 1 scratchtiny vibe
Cookies n’ Cream died Plastic Grind Machine mint
Green Plastic Grind Machine with no bearing one side is sanded 1 side has some blck die splash bad wobble and vibe on stacks.
Modded Duncan Butterflywith a spintop mode and i side is sanded
08 888 Mint black big logo .  Only problem is the cracked bearing on the hubstack and wont come off.  has tiny nicks from trying to pull it ff.  Smooth as can be (This will be hard to get off me)
Violet 888x that just got dinged i will send you the pics in pm
Fh2 with no bearing 1 cap has holes in it doesent screw together properly idk?!?!
F.A.S.T 201 with no starbursts plays great
Red/Green M1 with some tiny marks on the side of the rim
Orange Dingo with 1 tiny nick
Zippo that looks realy cool.
Duncan glove.

There is also :
Fiesta in red
Glow in the dark BigYo
Blue fade to black kendama (Broken string)
Some white string im guessing 75 and 2 spools of blue 100% poly thread 400 yrds in total.
A Yoyo case that holds 12 yoyos and 4 cw’s.
1 Magl33to card 2 Eric kolawski cards.

CLYW Campfire*****
Loop 720’s or 900’s***
Northstar Black/orange*****

Anything you have to offer********



Bad idea. Making a video for you BST is ok, but only if you list out the yoyos as well. Nobody is going to want to watch a video to find out what you’re selling.


Done! Thanks for the tip broski.


free bump







how much for the case?





how much for m1


i might trade my recreation dreadnought, but i have to ask my parents. dreadnought for the 2 888s


no thanks.



duncan metal zero 2 for anything?


metal zero 2 and yyf pocket change for anything?