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[s]Hi All :slight_smile:

I am quitting yoyoing and as a result, I’m selling most of my collection and accessories. I prefer selling the entire thing as a whole and the price is negotiable for everything. However, I am willing to sell individually if the price is right (I’ll also toss in a free item too). Sorry but I am not looking for any trades. So here it is:

From left to right, top to bottom
-Blue Body/Yellow Caps Duncan Pro Z with clear Mod Spacers. The Ink on the cap is mostly worn off. Plays nicely, Responsive.
-Purple Duncan Raptor. Hardly played. No caps.
-Blue 2014 OD Benchmark V-Shape. Mint, comes with box.
-Black with Blue splash Duncan Barracuda. 3 small scratches. Plays very well and smoothly. Comes with box
-Silver with Black Splash YYO Hatchet. Mint, comes with box.
-Red/White Duncan Throw Monkey. Hardly Played, comes with ball counterweight.
-Black with silver splash Magic N-9 Floating. Few scratches and one small ding.
-Blue Duncan Torque. Its beat and vibey. It comes with Flying squirrel counter-weight.
-White Body with Black caps Duncan Pro Z with clear Mod Spacers. Plays nicely, Responsive.

I have some strings that I bought off Amazon. I also have some Neon Green YYE strings. Then I have some Kitty Fat strings (Blue, Neon-Green, and Purple Strings).

-Duncan Red Pouch- can fit 4 of my metal throws. Comes with the foam inserts.
-Black YYF Multi-tool
-Bearings: 2 Buddha Bearing Whipples from BillyBobs (size C), 2 size C bearings and one size A bearing.
-1 YYJ Thin Lub, 1 Snake Bite Venom (Believe its Thin Lube), and 1 YYF Thick Lube
-2 Axles (I believe these are from the Duncan Pro-Z’s).
-Duncan Yoyo Tricks CD

-Duncan Stickers
-2 YYE stickers
-2014 YYE Cards with: Andre Boulay, Janos Karancz, Brandon Hoges, Peter Pong Si YEE, Mark Montgomery, Ian Johnson, Pekka, and Shu Takada


Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. I will also be happy to provide you with more pictures of any of the above items.

Thank you guys for a great time! :)[/s]

Please delete this thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

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