FS: Metals for sale @ good prices LF: Yellow Highlites, Yellow Dayglow strings

Aoda PXY $40
One Drop red M1 $40- there are a couple of pin pricks around the rims
Yoyojam blue Mini Motu $30- mint condition with the sidecaps
Yoyojam black Lyn Fury $8- mint condition but no sidecaps
Yoyofactory blue 888x $80- mint condition
Yoyojam blue Dark Magic $20- it has a couple of dings around the rim, no sidecaps
BBYY blue Swirly $85- mint condition with the original packaging
Duncan green FHZ $25- mint condition with aluminum irg weight rings installed, can send sidecaps with it
BBYY raw bead blasted pre production Wedgie $70- only has one ding on the rim
Hspin black Beysick $60- mint condition with the Hspin socks which were the original pacakging, socks have never been worn, it also comes with the extra axle and response stickers
Duncan black FHZ $25- mint condition with aluminum irg weight rings, will send sidecaps with it
BBYY purple Bully $70- mint condition with the original packaging
Duncan translucent blue ModFather FHZ $35- mint condition, silicone grooved, has aluminum irg weight rings in it, will ship with the sidecaps
BBYY purple Wedgie $70- mint condition with the original packaging
Yoyojam black Hitman $20- only has a couple of scuffs on the rims
One Drop black/blue Dingo $40- mint condition

Will trade for these wants. The closer to the top of the want list the more I want it. Must be mint or in near mint condition. Willing to trade more than one yoyo depending on what yoyo you are offering to trade. Here are my wants:

Nickel coated or clear anodized One Drop P2 (I really want this one)
Werrd Split Decision
Anything ILYY
Werrd 4XL
Wooly Marmot
Black One Drop Y Factor or P2
Hat Trick

These are the types of string I want:
Yellow Highlites
Yellow Dayglows
Chaos 422
I will update this want list if I think of anything else.

Please pm me instead of posting your offers on the thread.

i would love to buy the blue dark magic for 20 is it 20 shiped because i really dont care about the dings i just want it so bad ;D :o ::slight_smile:

i have a modded fhz that i would like to trade its worth $40. i would want the dark magic or mini moto

can i get a pic of the m1