YoYos FT/S: bvm, tons of fhz's and others: also looking for string

(2Sick Joey) #1

i have like 8 bucks in paypal and i need string. i prefer highlights and i dont like blue or purple. offer me and ill take it. looking for around 60 or so or more if possible
im selling some stuff to buy some things. i prefer cash but paypal is ok also. will ship priority via usps. Offer prices. the LE’s wont go easy. add obo to all yoyos.

i would rather trade my bvm. offer me. im mainly looking for a bape or eetsit. i would trade multiples. i also wouldnt mind some 44re: or yoyore: i prefer damage as long as its not beat. offer me. i also like superstars,genesis’, and other cool things. no plastics though. i would trade straight for a adegle formosa

this is my bvm. its half first run and half second run. it has some marks but nothing goes through ano. none are really deep. it plays great and is smooth. comes with a spec. $90 shipped

takeshi fhz- blue with weight rings. single pad recessed. a few minor scuffs on the rings really small. it plays extremely well i love this thing. all work done by takeshi. $25 shipped

Viking FHC- this thing is a beauty as well as a great player. its viking caps on a bionic body. it is dual siliconed recessed and schmooved the cyclontzy, mint as far as i cant tell. i dont really play it much but it wont go easy. $60 shipped

ricerocket dv8- this is a ricerocket modded menehune that has weight rings. it has a d size bearing and is dual sili recessed and schmooved. it has a vibe that can be tuned out buzzon style. has a few scuffs. offer? $30 shipped

fhz- it was clear and i painted it black with green drip/splash. i single pad recessed it and plays like a dream. it has green blanked caps one is cracked though.offer? $15 shipped

Mongu fhz- another LE fhz. its mint besides a crack on the fhz cap half. it single pad recessed by me. plays great just like it is. offer? $45 shipped


can you lower the price on the mongu??? I found one on yoyonation.com for thirty so I’m looking for one around that price tag.

(system) #3