FS/FT!!!!really need these gone!! OFFER AAAWAAAY

Mint Transclucent red Darkmagic 2 $30
Mint Black Spinfaktor x $40
Clear hitman pro has one scuff on rim $30
traded for purp G.johnson 2010 worlds revolution and zen 2
Mint yellow kickside$10
mint Black kickside $10
Mint Sanded Bolt Siliconed and [b]Centertrac bearing(amazing)[/b] $30traded
Black dark magic 1 has a couple scuffs on the rims, doesnt affect the play at all $30
Black G5+ comes with extra pads and White nubs,zstacks and hubstacks has a minor scuff on the rim, looks amzing with pink or green highlights, HAVENT THROWN IT SINCE LAST YEAR! TRADED FOR BLUE MVP THANKS!
Gold w/ Black Splash(custom paint job) SB Dv888 small scuff on rim nothin noticeable $45traded
Mint Red LB Dv888 DXL version 45
Raw Shinwoo zen 5 $35
blue Protostar $25traded for silk
green spinfaktor HG discontinued version $20
red mini motrixx $30

Please PM me your email if you would like to see pictures, i will gladly send them to you

If the prices do not work for you, please Feel free to OFFER, and we will go from there, i will be fair with the pricing/trade


anything reasonable

purple revoltions world yoyo contest edition and a yoyojam 4a throw the dont make any more