Lots for sale. Offer, you might get a nice deal!

Hey Guys. OFFER on these guys. I need them gone.
Shipping only to US/Canada, with Paypal users only!

Trades I am interested in
-Regular Release Pure or Vsop Pure (must be mint)
-Synergy w/o vibe

Here’s what I have to sell/trade
Matador with 2 scuffs with extra pair of caps
SFHG-used heavily for 5a. So don’t ask for the condition. JKjk it’s not that bad
Near Mint gear-One line imperfection. Comes with KK
2x RB2s modded by Jayyo
Worlds 08 powdercoat Trainwreck-Few pinprick dings. Half orange/half blue
Kickside-Yellow with spiral painted caps painted by me
Siliconed painted FHZ-Painted by gracieyoyogirl. 2 scuffs, you can’t really see it on the plastic
Hybrid Hitman-Red, metal rim marks like on any yyj hybrid. Cleaned bearing, one cap is slightly cracked, a few light dings
08 888 small bearing raw-some scuffs, some dings, one hub cracked but still plays fine on

Offer on these. I need them Gone.
Pm offers to me directly.


If only you had put this up earlier in the day I would have taken that SpinfaktorHG.
Either way, want anything from here? http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,3284.msg35243.html Plus I can put in a bit of cash.

Not really. But if you have some cash to burn, just offer anyways. I might let some of these go for cheap.
Get to me !!

Well…What color is it first of all? The most I would want to pay is like $15 shipped with cheap shipping.

Blue. Replied.
One side siliconed, one side shaved starburst response. Plays better IMO.

One cap is cracked in a corner, but no damage to play or whatsoever

Well I can trade either a cold fusion mint or a PGM for the hitman hybrid

no thanks