Have Spyy, Duncans, yoyojam, YYF, And More!!!!! VERY Cheap!!!!!

i have a red and magenta mixed pro it has one little ding you can see it on the third pic the left side. i would like $80. I still have the sealed box. will trade for a good 888.

i have a hayabusa SL orange white rims 12 shipped.

i have a pocket change silconed black both sides. 9 shipped

yoyojam atmosphere white no caps 25 shipped

have a FH2 blue has throwmonkey and profly caps. 8 shipped

pair of red and black raiders 5 shipped.

please dont be afraid to make offers

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i will trade you the pro for my 888 with white hubstacks and if you include the pocket change i will include color wheel z stacks and a counter weight

Iā€™m going to have to see a pic of the 888 and does it vibe if so could you send a pic and video of it sleeping and using the hubstacks. please