Red 08 888, and size D Ceramic KK Prices added.


Just looking to trade yoyos I have very nice bearings in my yoyos and want to keep them so you can keep your bearings. If you want to trade hubstacks for a different color I will consider it.

Phoenix 09 888 It is MINT no dings scratches etc. The only thing is the hubstack posts have been sanded to make it easier to remove hubstack bearings. $150 obo
Only trades I will take for this are Mint: Raven 08 888, Hate Hate Hate, and maybe a “Mud” 08 888

Red 08 888 Near Mint has some minor scuffs as seen in pics. $110 obo
Trade this for one of the above or maybe a Mint or Near Mint raw production run 08 888 Lrg bearing

Skyy Chaser one ding and one flat spot can be seen in pics Comes with box and sticker.
Would like to try a Big deal or a slim pad DV888

Hspin/ SPYY size D Ceramic KK
Looking to trade it for a size C Ceramic KK

Feel free to offer other Lrg bearing 08 888s, DV888s, 44 Special or Crucifer worse thing is I will say no. Not looking to sell these.

Skyy Chaser is gone.

Prices added.