Guys, I need a phone.

Urgent! Will trade huge for a Verizon Enabled phone!

Hey guys, today i have some yoyos I want to sell or trade. My main wants are some new YYJ. If it has a solid spin axle, I’ll probably take it. Dings on rims and metal are fine, I will not even consider the deal if there are dings on the plastic. PICTURES BY REQUEST I can get you pics via mobile phone, but the quality isn’t great. If you want to get these yoyos really easily, offer me a yoyo and some money. That being said, let’s get started.

Mint Black Pistolero. This this is super smooth and super super mint. Not a scratch on it. If you like grinds, this is the throw for you.

Blue/Green 5*. Has a couple scuffs on the rims, but you can’t feel them. Super smooth and an awesome player. I just never really like it.

Mint Black 888x. It’s an 888x, what more can you say? Comes with white Hubstacks.

YFactor. weird brownish-red colorway. Has some pinpricks and a scuff. Really awesome player, one of my favorites. I have sanded down a scratch on the inner wall, so it isn’t aestethicly pleasing, but I still enjoy it on a daily basis.

Blue YYJ Bolt, mint with some small plastic vibe. Awesome throw, I have it set up semi-responsive.

FHZ Modded by RiceRocket- woah. This thing is sili recessed, takes a large bearing, has weight rings, and matador spikes. Sweet throw. Trans Blue. Zero vibe, and just all around awesome.

Large Bearing Yuuksta. Grey/white speckle sort of colorway. has a scuff that is hard to see, due to the coloring, but it doesn’t even go through the anno. Vibe free, sweet little throw.

And we have a crucial Half and Half. has a few marks, good player. no response.

Now for my main wants. If you have any of these, just PM me:

Phenom. Any color, any damage. You will get a lot out of this from me.

SPYY Flying V and SPYY Ronin. again, these will yield a trade in your favor. regardless of condition.

OneDrop. Anything OneDrop besides a Dingo and M1

Any interesting throws. Just offer.


did you think bout the regulus

i can be ready to ship tomorrow if you are still good with our trade

did you think about the regulus :slight_smile:

How much for the 888x?