Ive got a brand new BST it should be ^ there somewhere...



ok so im getting bored with some of the throws that I own so this is your oppertunity to get some great stuff for some of your money/yoyos O0

( *=want bad ** = want the most)

conditions: it doesnt have to be mint but has to have at least very little vibe and the bearing has to be in good condition

**SMOOTH FG peak

    ** slim pad Genesis
  • MVP
    ** Severe


  • New breed
  • Atmosphere


  • MINT unmodded fhzs
  • MINT projams
    GREEN legacy
  • Protostar


Green Scream


** Pocket change with offstring wings

*10 ball

What I have

Now its Black White and Orange Legacys


This is a great yoyo, it has some vibe but i real stable and has fairly long spins. It has a bearing from a 2nd gen PGM and some one drop sili pads. no stacks, worst damage shown
traded for superstar!

Pyro Light
little dings all over but still fairly smooth, has some vibe on bad throws, has an ezo bearing, worst damage shown needs new pads

Satined pad recessed freehand2.2
This was satined and pad recessed by me and becasue i was trying to do it freehand with a dremel it got a little skrewed up, it has a little nick in the lip between the recess and the bearing that made it eat strings but i sanded it pretty smooth so now it plays ALOT better.
grinds well plus its unresponsive
$10 shipped GONZO

yomega Stealthfire
basically nip
$5 shipped

Velocity v2
Almost mint, the bearing is a bit tempermantal though, i find that you have to skrew it in all of the way and then unscrewit a hair to make it play at its full potential + weight rings
$15 shipped

No caps,silid, has a spec some offstring damage but pretty smooth
$15 shipped

Big ben
Silid, has a dorothy, its clear with black pogs (looks real awesome when spinning in the light) but its a bit cracked from offstring, nothing on the rims but a little on the hubs and the plastic around the brass axel skrew is half gone on one sid (see in pic) even though it is still smooth and really good for 1a
$10 shipped

Black legacy
This is an odd story, it is cracked in the bearing seat on both sides but still plays with only yyj vibe and is still unresponsive AND it feels fine in play go figure. i tried to get it in the pic but no luck
$10 shipped

Black/ Blue Lyn
silid, has a dorothy, the bearing seat is kind of scared and it had some slippage but i took some tweezers and now i think that it wont give you any problems
$10 shipped GONZO

Blue Lyn
Silid plays pretty good could use a bearing cleaning/breaking in
$15 shipped PENDING

White Legacy
vibes pretty bad, axles bent

Orange Legacy
this plays fine and unresponsive but when i play with it it feels numb at the end of the string so i dont enjoy it that much
i may not want to get rid of it but hey i want some new stuff * bearing needs broken in has a dorothy
$20 shipped

10 intentius Gstring
Too short for me , shown in pic (lined up with highlights slip knot and the gstrings knot together)
$6 shipped

only use paypal
CON US and CANADA only please

Thanks For looking! ;D


big update since last post


pics of the fhz?


heres one that mitch had when i got it from him

(Mitch Ginder) #5

heres another from when I first modded it


Gosh i miss that yoyo :frowning: but Ill mod another one some day

and your trading the g5+??


Only if I get Something better so its a bully or a genesis if not I keep it yay. = )


I would let everything cept the g5+ and the nxgs go for a bully +a dv888+ a pgm


i would trade the dhz and the sirius and the yomega stealth fire for a dv888
Pics tomorrow


druminpython I have and x convict that im willing to trade

(Connor) #13

I want my Velocity and Sirius back Haha. I also want the PGM.

I dont have any of your wants though. I have a STACKED black knight and a DV888 but i dont wanna trade them.

Im so distraught. :-[ :’(



(Connor) #16

Its version 2 correct? What would you want for it in terms of money and trades?


well i might have a vict for it but the guy kinda stopped pm me so it might not happen
a black knight
a couple of mip fhzs
just offer
money wise i would not take anything under 20 usd

(Connor) #18

Lets see what I got. I doubt you will be interested but what the heck.


Speed Dial
Metal Zero
Throw Monkey

Throw Monkey is white with blue rims, has a small vibe.

Speeder is sky blue, has just a few scuffs. Im not fond of Speeders, thats the only reason i dont want it.
Plays great, its a little noisy, thats all.

Speed Dial. Its siliconed. No dials. But plays awesome. I hate to see it go. You can see the silicone job in the pics. Pretty much mint. Not much damage AT ALL. maybe like 2 tiny nicks.

MFHZ. First run, but is one of the good ones out of the first run. Half purple half pink. Its got some nicks scratches and scuffs but plays fine.

Beat Sky blue kickside. But plays fine. Noisy. Thats all.

A mint Yellow Projam. With caps and everything.

PICS: http://img269.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=78225314.jpg


That FHZ is still interesting me… But if you are looking for a M1 for it then I won’t do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I love how I hyped Black Knights…


i changed it becasue i thought and i reallized that asking for an m1 was extremely outragous so
now im asking for bi metals and such

(Connor) #21

Evan, btw im LOVING the Black Knight. Thanks a ton for it. Sorry about the whole shipping Mis-hap. Its on its way.


I have a die nasty also ill add it later




Its likemint but ill see what I can do