Selling: Hitman, 35$ shipped. Comes with SIX yoyos for FREE! SOLD SOLD SOLD

[s]I have a light blue YYJ Hybrid Hitman. Its light blue and barely used. Excellent condition except for the tarnishing on the rims which could be easily removed with a good polishing. Plays well, could play even better with a 10 ball, some shims, and sili’d O’ring, also comes with caps in, plays smooth.I want to get rid of some stuff so im throwing in SIX other yoyos for free. Modders should jump on this. PM me if your interested. Thanks for your time!!

To Summarize this, you can get a total of seven yoyos for 35$ shipped in the US. Im only selling all of them together, and I only accept paypal OR money order. What you can be getting is:

Hybrid Hitman - Described in first paragraph
Dual O’ring Hitman - Tarnished rims, no caps, silicone response although it should be redone
Legacy - Purple, no caps, vibes from small crack in bearing seat, can be fixed. Vibe isn’t awful, still plays well. No silicone pads
Kickside - Plays well, comes with synergy caps. Has no response (used to be dual starburst but was sanded off) and is satined, comes with synergy caps, fun to throw around.
Speed Beetle - Yellow and orange, worn out pads
Phantom - fixed axle wooden yoyo, purple and black painted, no damage at all, also very fun to throw around.
Duncan Butterfly - Crooked axle… its a butterfly

Pics of Hitman:

Pics of the other throws:[/s]


Um if u have an I phone iMessage me at or email me their I’m very very interested