I am looking to buy a new metal yoyo. It has to be in pretty good condition, and I am willing to pay cash.
I would really like a YYJ or a One Drop. I would also think about a YYF…
some specific yoyos are:
YYJ Hitman
YYJ Axiom
One drop project
but other offers are much appriciated!
So let the offering Begin!
-Titanium221 8)

I’m not sure if I want to part with it but I have a yellow Hybrid Hitman. It has a few tiny dings on the rims but they don’t stand out much and they don’t affect the play at all.
I also have a Metal Zero that I would part with. Played a little bit, but no dings or scratches or anything. The friction stickers (I think that’s what it has) are still very new, new enough to even do looping with =P I don’t have the package, but I do have the spacers and the CWs with it.
Not sure how much I want for them but offer and I’ll let you know.

The Hitman sounds interesting, but I recently got a DM, and I want to wait a little while before I get another yoyo…
How much would you be willing to sell the hitman for?
Titanium221 8)

If you want to wait a while before getting another yoyo, why did you post this?
I am honestly confused ???

Ha yeah I am confused too but maybe like $35ish for the Hitman?

I think he might mean another metal rimmed yoyo, but that’s just a guess.

Ive got a blue/purp M1 Id be willing to part with for $50, its pretty new I just bought two months ago and its hasnt seen very much play.

sorry guys, I decided to wait a little while before getting another yoyo. but thanks for your offers!

I have a copper Axiom. It has scratches on the rims. Lots of dings. dont affect the play at all