WTT some things for a sub $100 Metal

I don’t have enough cash to buy one straight, but i have somethings i can trade and then some cash for one. i am mainly looking for a DV888 or Hectic

  1. 9.5/10 Limited edition black Metal Zero (V2)~~~~~~ Estimated value - ~$30
  2. 9/10 Red/black dyed silicon recessed FHZ  ~~~~~~~ Estimated Value - ~$20
  3. Random 512MB (~100 songs) Sansa MP3 player ~~~Estimated value - ~$20

Will trade with some cash but you must include at least two of the previous things.

Additional info on the items

  1. Seriously? why do people hate on this yoyo?.. sure it’s not on par with a 888 or something but for 40 bucks (brand new price) it’s good. looks pretty awesome too. This is v2 so look it up on http://yoyoexpert.com/product/duncan/metal-zero/ for specs and pictures (course mine is limited edition black, will put pic up if requested)

  2. more info on this at http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,3047.0.html i touched up the recess so it’s better now. (note this is a somewhat sloppy recess but still plays unresponsive and much better than stock) I’ll ship this without flowable silicone in. I love this yoyo. my first mod and my first expensive(at the time it was  :P) yoyo.

  3. if you actually interested in this ill put pics up … This does what it is meant to do… play music. has an FM tuner as well takes AAA batteries  some info http://reviews.cnet.com/mp3-players/sandisk-sansa-m230-512mb/4505-6490_7-31563924.html I apologize, but this will ship without earbuds as i only have 1 pair

This will be my first trade… i really need some pics of the yoyo you plan to trade before i send my stuff. i will get it to the post office within 2 days that i receive word of your agreement… i don’t think i can ship outside of US

I am open to other metals if you offer.

Thanks for reading my post  ;D